2013 Summer Movie Wrap-Up

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The summer movie season is officially over. We’re left with the good, the bad, and the ugly of what 2013 had to offer. Overall, it was a pretty disappointing summer, but didn’t it have to be after The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises? There were still enough decent movies to tide us over. Here we will wrap-up the best, and some of the worst, big budget studio flicks to invade your moviegoing experience.



Best Hero: Iron Man a.k.a. Tony Stark (Iron Man 3)

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Tony Stark returned for the fourth time this summer and Robert Downey Jr. once again killed it. Too few screen heroes have the charisma and presence as Marvel’s Iron Man. In Iron Man 3, Tony faced his biggest internal struggle yet. The third entry wasn’t the best of the series, but it certainly was Downey Jr.’s best turn as the character. Runner Up: Spock (Star Trek Into Darkness)


Best Villain: Khan (Star Trek Into Darkness)

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I will say that summer 2013 barely had any great villains. Benedict Cumberbatch’s Khan was an exception. He would have had a chance last summer at winning. Cumberbatch’s cold demeanor made him far superior to the over-the-top forgettable villain from 2009’s reboot played by Eric Bana. He proved a formidable foe to the entire crew of the Enterprise, especially in his epic final brawl with Spock. Runner Up: Kruger (Elysium)


Best Big Set Piece: Crash of the Vengeance (Star Trek Into Darkness)

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This summer certainly did have action. Between the robot battles in both Iron Man 3 and Pacific Rim, and the hug superhero battles of Man of Steel and The Wolverine, this is hardly an easy pick. But Star Trek once again comes out on top for the crash of the Vengeance into San Francisco and the subsequent chase and battle between Spock and Khan. The tension was built perfectly and the special effects did the rest. It was the set piece not to miss this summer. Runner Up: Superman vs. Zod (Man of Steel)


Best Comedy: The World’s End

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The two uproarious apocalyptic comedies from this summer would make for a great double-feature. This is the End was absolutely absurd as it poked fun at our popular culture. The World’s End was equally absurd while managing to show the dangers of nostalgia. The latter wins by a hair just because it was ultimately more rewarding. Runner Up: This is the End


Best Indie: The Spectacular Now

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Easy pick. The Spectacular Now may not have superheroes or giant robots, but it was the best movie of the summer. Hell, it’s the best movie of 2013 so far. You’ll struggle to find more natural-feeling dialogue on the big screen. The chemistry between Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley chews up the screen. The film breaks the typical conventions of coming-of-age tales but not forcing us to watch an awkward teen and instead showing us the woes of the popular kid. It’s really quite beautiful with a lesson every kid, and probably adults too, need to learn. Runner Up: The Way, Way Back


So, Did Anyone Actually Go See: The Lone Ranger

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Yeah, me neither. Runners Up: The Hangover Part III, After Earth, The Internship, Grown-Ups 2, R.I.P.D., The Smurfs 2, and Planes. Just take your pick. 


Biggest Surprise: The Conjuring

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It looked like your run-of-the-mill horror flick. Then the reviews started coming in. Then when you went to go see it, you sat in the fetal position for almost two hours. The Conjuring is a horrifying film. It’s the best traditional haunted house flick in years. Summer isn’t even the season for good horror movies. But this just goes to show that between the giant set pieces, there’s nothing quite like a few creeking doors to get the blood pumping. Runner Up: The Wolverine


Biggest Disappointment: Man of Steel

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They promised Christopher Nolan. They promised a Batman Begins style reboot for Superman. They made good on their promises, but they didn’t attempt to any other damn thing. Man of Steel was an absolute bore that failed to suck the audience into Kal-El’s story. It had some interesting ideas (the way our hero deals with the villain is actually quite interesting for the sequel). But Man of Steel could have been the Superman movie we’ve been waiting for, but instead it was a half-hearted attempt at making an unlikable superhero likable. Runner Up: Monsters University


See You at the Oscars: Fruitvale Station

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Only one movie is really getting a decent amount of buzz at the moment, and it’s not The Spectacular Now (but there’s still time…). We said in our review that the film was obvious and too preachy, but Michael B. Jordan’s career making performance is undeniable. He is one of the few major contenders for any acting award thus far this year. Runner Up: Blue Jasmine, but hopefully The Spectacular Now!


Best Summer Blockbuster: Star Trek Into Darkness

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There’s really no question of what movie captured the essence of summer in 2013. Into Darkness was a big sequel pumped with adrenaline and pure fun. J.J. Abrams and the gang made the most entertaining film of the year so far. The cast had perfect chemistry and banter as they saved Earth from the wrath of Khan. We’ll still be talking about Star Trek Into Darkness next summer, just as we still talk about The Avengers and The Dark Knight RisesRunner Up: The Conjuring 


Do you agree with our picks for the best of summer 2013? What were your favorite movie the last four months? Let us know below!

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