2013 TV Preview: 10 Shows We Can’t Wait to Watch

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2013 is right around the corner, and in this case, that means that a lot of things started in 2012 will be brought to a close. Some classics will come to an end. Some long awaited returns will be made. Some will see if they can avoid the sophomore slump. Either way, it’s going to be an interesting year in your living room. Full disclosure, if 30 Rock had more episodes it would be on this list, but it ends in January after just four episodes.



Photo Credit: http://www.seanpaune.com/2012/10/02/s-h-i-e-l-d-characters-get-a-brief-reveal/10. S.H.I.E.L.D.

So I’ve pretty much written off Network dramas and sci-fi shows (I really hate Revolution), but this one has too much potential to pass up. The series takes place in the Cinematic Marvel Universe, you know where The Avengers takes place, and the pilot is written by Joss Whedon himself. The showrunner is none other than his brother Jed. With Phil Coulson set to reprise his role from the films, this is a new show not to miss. (Fall 2013 on ABC)


Photo Credit: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0804503/9. Mad Men

Here’s something that will scare you, when Mad Men returns, it will be their penultimate season. After negotiations between AMC and Matthew Weiner subsided, the creator stated that season seven would be the show’s last. Going into season six, Peggy is gone, Joan is now a partner, Lane is dead, and Don doesn’t seem too pleased with his marriage. All we know so far is that in the premiere, Don and Megan will be vacationing in Hawaii. Other than that, expect big things as the show begins to wind down. (TBD on AMC)


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8. Parks and Recreation

After a slow start to the show’s fifth season, things picked up with Ben’s marriage proposal to Leslie, as well as Ron’s new relationship with Diane. Love is in the air and the show has never been sweeter. Expect Leslie’s wedding some time in 2013, and plenty of other zaniness in Pawnee. Maybe we’ll finally get a major raccoon takeover. (Jan. 17 on NBC)



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7. Community

It’s back! It’s back! It’s finally back! Since the delay, we have gotten plenty of sneak previews of the comedy’s fourth season, the first without creator Dan Harmon, and surprisingly, it looks to hold up pretty well to the show’s past. The characters all seem to be in check and the season premiere is a Hunger Games parody. This could be a new era for the cult comedy. Or it’ll get cancelled. Who can say? (Feb. 7 on NBC)


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6. The Newsroom

Can Aaron Sorkin downplay the sexism and up-play the politics in the show’s sophomore season? I can’t wait to find out. If this show improves on the criticisms it received last summer it can really be something as special as Sorkin’s last wildly successful show, The West Wing. If not, we’ll have more Mackenzie being a blubbering idiot with a great job while Sorkin recaps the events of 2012 for us. Either way, it will be fascinating to see. (Summer 2013 on HBO)


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5. Game of Thrones

Here is a show I am so excited to have back. After some major events at the end of season two, expect Thrones to come back with a bang. Hopefully we will get more moments like the battle of Blackwater, the single best thing I saw on television in 2012. Based on the first half of the third novel by George R.R. Martin, HBO is actually extending the runtime of the episodes, making for what they are calling a super-sized season. Forgive me, I’m about to gush, but that sounds awesome! (Mar. 31 on HBO)


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4. The Office

I know, I know, it’s no where near as good as it used to be. But the show’s ninth season is a heavy improvement over season eight. Since it was announced that the show would end this season, the writers have gotten some of their excitement back. There have been several great episodes, and I expect that trend will continue as the show winds down. In it’s heyday, this was the best show on TV. There is no chance of it leaving in that spot again, but this old dog still has a few old tricks. Who knows, maybe Michael will come back for an episode. (Jan. 10 on NBC)


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3. The Legend of Korra

As my personal favorite show of 2012, I cannot wait to see what the creators have in store for Book 2: Spirits! As the title suggests, Korra will be further exploring the Spirit World, just as Aang did in Avatar: The Last Airbender. The series will need a new villain since Amon was “dealt with” in the season finale. Also, apparently half the season will take place outside of Republic City. Smart move to explore more of the world. Maybe we’ll even get to see the older version of Zuko. (TBD on Nickelodeon)


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2. Breaking Bad

How will it all end? The second half of the final season is sure to shock, especially after Hank figured out what his brother-in-law has been up to in the mid-season finale. With Walter and Jesse no longer cooking meth, the last eight episodes will likely deal with Hank trying to bring down Heisenberg once and for all. Where Skyler, Walt Jr., Marie and Saul fit into all of that is anyone’s guess. How does Walter get to his 52nd birthday? Why does he have automatic weapons? All that and more will be resolved by the end of 2013. (Summer 2013 on AMC)


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1. Girls

Ok, this may have to do with the fact that it premieres so soon (two weeks!) but the show I am most excited for this year is Girls. After an incredible first season, Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna are back for ten more episodes of Brooklyn post-graduate meandering. Lena Dunham promises guest stars and more sex. Neither of those are surprising. Based on the recent trailer the series will be as funny and weird as ever. Looks like Dunham will continue to be the voice of her generation. Or a voice. Of a generation. (Jan. 13 on HBO)


How excited are you for these shows and more in the new year? Are you sad to see so many classics ending? Tell us your thoughts below!

By Matt Dougherty


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