30 Rock: A Goon’s Deed in a Weary World Season 7 Episode 11 Review

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30 Rock‘s penultimate episode didn’t pack in the usual amount of laughs, but its heartwarming nature was more than enough to make it another solid entry in the series.

The episode began with a funny cold open in which Liz dreams that TGS’ cancellation caused her entire writing staff to die.  Of course, even in the dream world Lutz can’t get it together and shows up in a cowboy costume instead of as a skeleton.  Oh Lutz, what are we going to do with you?

Once Liz wakes up, she’s informed by Criss that their adopted children are on the way and will be arriving in a matter of days.  While Criss goes into preparation mode, Liz rushes to work to see if she can salvage TGS.  With Jack’s help, she is given another chance to sell the show to NBC and has one day to retool the entire thing.  There are some funny jokes that come up as Liz and her crew go to work–particularly when she seeks sponsorship from a company called Bro Douche–but overall this plotline was nothing new.  Liz is the leader of a bunch of incompetent weirdos who don’t listen to her, therefore making it impossible for her balance work and personal life.

Meanwhile, Jack finally re-instates Kenneth’s page position as a way to determine who the new head of NBC will be.  He asks Kenneth to give the potential candidates a tour, which he plans to use as an informal interview of sorts.  The whole thing ends up being a parody of Willy Wonka.  Once again, it had its moments, but there definitely were some missed opportunities for quality spoof jokes.  In the end, though, something truly magical happens and Jack chooses Kenneth to be the new network head.  After all, Kenneth loves NBC more than anyone and will likely treat it with care.

Speaking of magical, the TGS crew does something very surprising when they realize Liz is going to miss out on meeting her kids for the first time.  Together they decide to collectively quit the show since, with the new sponsorship deal they received, it isn’t even TGS anymore.  It’s all very touching as Liz realizes for the first time that her work family really does care for her.  The episode ends with her and Criss meeting their kids at the airport, who of course turn out to be miniature versions of Tracy and Jenna.  It’s strange for sure, but in the world of 30 Rock it works perfectly, and sets up the show for one hell of an ending.  Grade: B+


By Mike Papirmeister

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