’30 Rock: Alexis Goodlooking and the Case of the Missing Whisky’ Review

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This week’s episode of 30 Rock generated a good amount of laughs with some solid plotlines and a good cast of characters.

In Liz’s story, Susan Sarandon’s character returns as Lynn, Frank’s former teacher and lover, and current secret girlfriend. When Frank’s mother makes an angry visit, Frank pleads with Liz to protect his secret. Frank’s over-Italian mother, coupled of course with Liz Lemon’s witty side comments, provided a hilarious scene-ending with an argument between Frank and his mother, as well as Liz being kicked out of her own apartment. The next day, after Frank has informed Liz of his breakup with Lynn, Liz realizes that he is unhappy. She calls Frank, his mother, and Lynn all to her office. Followed of course by a food metaphor by Liz, Frank’s mother realizes that Lynn is so much like herself and the conflict is resolved. Overall the story was funny, and although the ending was a bit creepy, it was oddly comical. Moreover, Susan Sarandon’s loveable, quirky performance only added to the plot.

Meanwhile, Kenneth finally enters the business world when Jack finds him a position with Kabletown. When Kenneth befriends his coworker, Jack convinces Kenneth that in the business world, he can trust no one. He must play dirty. Although he was right about Kenneth’s coworker, Jack eventually realizes that he was wrong in his advice. When he confronts Kenneth, he realizes that he is too late. Kenneth is already deep into business paranoia. This makes one wonder how Kenneth’s character will develop over the next couple episodes. In fact, the uncertainty of Kenneth’s situation this season has given the show a lot of its core continuity. It’s great for any comedy to be quick and witty, but any audience likes to see a continuous plotline throughout the episodes, so Kenneth’s story is really essential this season.

Tracy and Jenna’s story was entertaining, but only mildly so. When Pete realizes someone drank his scotch, Jenna refills an old CSI-type roll she once played by trying to solve the mystery of whodrankit. While garnering some laughs, the story could have parodied CSI and Law & Order more. Furthermore, the ending was rather lackluster, as the crew was simply force to listen to Pete play his songs.

Although it wasn’t exceptional, this episode was definitely entertaining. And with Kenneth’s developing character as well as the potential stories of Liz and Criss to come, 30 Rock is still one of the most exciting comedies on television. (8/10)

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