30 Rock: Florida Review

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30 Rock continues to trudge towards its series finale with another great episode.

First off, it was amazing to me how Liz and Jack would talk about Colleen and I would hear Elaine Stritch’s voice in my head. It served as both a hilarious reminder of this great character and her influence on Jack, and a melancholy reminder of why she was killed in the first place, 30 Rock is ending.

The pair had to go to her estate in Florida to recover her assets. Jack believes that something is off once Colleen’s “maid”  says Colleen was a wonderful woman. Liz’s discovery that Colleen may have been a lesbian was a neat twist.

Then the series delivered something we knew had to happen at some point, Liz and Jack in bed together. Of course they didn’t do anything, but Liz begins to wonder why since Tracy told her she hasn’t lived. It was yet another scene that felt like it had to happen before the end, and it was perfectly delivered by these two classic sitcom stars. Plus, Jack reveals he slept with Jenna a lot during season three. Classic.

Meanwhile, Tracy and Jenna have taken over 30 Rock, and Hazel is trying to get them in some legal trouble. Could this be the last mission for these two bumbling actors? With just two episodes left, it could be, and that is something to both celebrate and mourn.

And we got another celebration as the lawyer asked Kenneth if he experienced anything inappropriate at work. Leading to a montage of POV shots of different characters at their most ridiculous harming Kenneth, it felt like another reminder of how many crazy things have happened over the last seven years.

The episode ended with a number of big developments. Jack finally sees his mother in a different light. Liz has learned of a new adoption opportunity. And Hank Hooper is canceling TGS. The board is set for the final two episodes of 30 Rock, and Florida was a great introduction to them. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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