30 Rock: Game Over Review

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30 Rock entered its final stretch with a nostalgic episode featuring plenty of guest stars.

As far as character arcs are concerned, Liz and Jack are starting to find that happy place that TV characters go after their shows have ended. Liz is trying to finally have a baby while Jack tries to take control of Kabeltown as Hank Hooper prepares to retire.

Jack’s story took the forefront this week as he faced off against several old nemeses in the battle for Kabeltown. Will Arnett returned as Devin Banks, Jack’s ultimate rival for almost the entire show’s seven year run. Chloe Grace Moretz returned as Hank Hooper’s relative in line to take over Kabeltown instead of Jack.

Seeing Jack and Devin work together was classic, even if we knew it wouldn’t last. Jack also enlisted Steve Buscemi as his old private eye, who decided he by the end that he wanted to be a female teacher.

The final face off was a lot of fun and solidified that Jack should become CEO of Kabeltown before 30 Rock bows out in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, Liz had perhaps her final encounter with Dr. Spaceman. Though the hormones story only sort of worked it didn’t matter because Liz wasn’t the main star of this episode.

But besides Jack finally getting what he wants, it seems Tracy may finally be growing up as well. In directing a biopic of Harriet Tubman, he finds himself dealing with himself, in the form of Octavia Spencer. The Oscar winner clearly had a great time playing an outrageous version of herself. She put Tracy in the position Liz was in with him all those years. Their interaction at the end was cute and had a true sense of finality to it.

Game Over may not have been quite as strong as either of the last two episodes, but the nostalgia factor and the fact that several major characters are progressing for the final time helped make this another worthy entry to this final season. Amazingly, only three episodes remain for the veteran comedy, and it looks to be sending things off with a bang. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty (Note: Mike usually covers 30 Rock, but he is in Italy for the next few weeks. Don’t fret though, he’ll be back for the series finale.)

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