’30 Rock: Grandmentor’ Review

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The first part of tonight’s 30 Rock double feature was a big hit and one of the better episodes of the season thus far.

Since season six started, we have gotten very little progression with the fact that Jack’s wife Avery is still being held captive across the world. We also got some great character development for Liz and newcomer Hazel. Grandmentor was a far more focused episode than this season has been giving us, which made this a real treat.

This week saw Liz mentoring Hazel and therefore stepping into the role that Jack has in her life for the sake of another. Their chemistry worked extremely well as Hazel continues to successfully find her footing on this show. I loved that Liz ended up taking Jack’s advice on giving advice. He will always be in her head even when she doesn’t need him.

That story also gave us some great interactions between Tracy and Kenneth. Their reconciliation on the air at the end was hilarious.

The most notable aspect of this episode however was Jack deciding to make a TV movie about Avery’s kidnapping to raise awareness on the matter, and Jenna subsequently wanting to be in that film. Jenna’s drive to get the role of Avery was hysterical and allowed for some rare, yet hilarious interactions between her and Jack.

Grandmentor was a great episode of 30 Rock, and easily one of the best of this so far slightly-disappointing season. Hopefully everything established in this episode will continue for the rest of the season. (9/10)

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