’30 Rock: Idiots Are People Three’ Review

Photo Credit: http://www.tvdea.com/Last week’s episode ended with a black screen that read “To Be Continued”. This episode didn’t necessarily feel like it needed the connection to the last. The plot continued, but the tone felt very different. Idiots Are People Three had an extremely slow start, but picked up towards the end. A lot of the funniest moments in the beginning can be attributed to the guest stars. James Marsden, Denise Richards, Will Arnett, and Kelsey Grammer all delivered.

We saw the continuation of Liz and Criss’ relationship as Jack’s disapproval infected Liz’s feelings for Criss. They broke up in the beginning of the episode, but then got back together by the end as Jack watched them reconnect. He saw Liz happy and therefore approved of Criss. This plot was a little shaky but James Marsden has a perfect screen presence for this show.

Also continuing from last week is the idiots rally lead by Tracy and Denise Richards. This plot stumbled this week after being so well thought out in Idiots Are People Two. It ended with a speech by Liz apologizing to the public for offending idiots and listing a bunch of people she may have offended. This sort of fell flat, but a few things listed provided a few chuckles.

The last plot strand continuing from the previous episode was Jenna, Kenneth, and Kelsey Grammar trying to cover up Pete’s possible death. Kelsey Grammar hosting a one-man-show about Abraham Lincoln was hysterical, as was the resolution here that we saw in the opening moments of last week.

Will Arnett’s segments with Jack were hysterical as the two of them play off of each other perfectly. Their bickering about each others’ kids, and subsequently their lives, was the highlight of the episode.

Idiots Are People Three did not provide quite the proper conclusion to last week’s events as I would have hoped. However, the guest stars all delivered and there were enough funny moments to keep the half-hour entertaining. (7/10)


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