’30 Rock: Idiots Are People Two’ Review

Photo Credit: http://thetvsisters.com/preview-30-rock-602Many of you might remember last spring when Tracy Morgan made homophobic comments causing an outcry for Morgan to leave the show. Obviously, he did not. No the only true outcomes were Morgan’s apology and this fantastic episode of 30 Rock.

After last week’s cliffhanger of sorts, we were introduced to Liz Lemon’s new boyfriend played by James Marsden. Their chemistry has not quite sold me yet but there is a lot of potential for growth here, plus Marsden does much better with comedy then he ever did as Cyclops in the X-men movies. Liz was worried about how Jack would react to this new man’s appearance in Liz’s life. Rightfully so it seems as we got several great exchanges between Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin, the best of which had Jack Donaghy as a figment of Lemon’s imagination as she talked to Criss at home

Tracy’s plotline was also handled pretty well as when Liz called him an idiot in response to his comments he started a protest for idiots. The best moment by far here was seeing all the people on the picket lines that the writers decided to pick out as idiots. What sent it over the top was guest star Denise Richards coming out as an idiot.

The other plot saw Kenneth and Jenna trying to solve the networks problems but causing even more issues for themselves and possibly endangering the life of Pete. Jenna’s one-liners came right after another and became a bit overwhelming at times as not every joke was a hit. However, the return of Kelsey Grammer to the show was fantastic, albeit brief.

Idiots Are People Two was a much stronger episode than the already strong season opener. With a “To Be Continued” title screen at the end, I cannot wait to see how all these plots get resolved. Can Liz really deal with Criss with Jack in her head? Could the protesting idiots kill TGS? Will Pete come out of this situation okay? All the answers are pretty obvious but 30 Rock will have us laughing the whole way. (9/10)



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