’30 Rock: Kidnapped by Danger’ Review

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The second episode of 30 Rock tonight continued the hilarity that started in the first. Kidnapped by Danger again dealt with Jack’s TV movie about Avery, but that’s not all.

Sadly, unlike the last episode, this was a retreat back to the really unfocused episodes we have seen from earlier this season. This episode had way too much going on in it, however, it was all really funny stuff so it can be partially forgiven.

The movie about Avery continued to be a hilarious plot as Stephen Baldwin guest starred to play Jack Donaghy in the movie. His interactions with Jack and Avery’s mother were pretty hilarious. Also, the fact that Liz had written the script for the movie meant that it had to be hilarious. The table reading, or reenactment, of how Jack and Avery got together was classic. But the best was saved for last when we were shown Jenna getting kidnapped in the final version of the film.

Speaking of Jenna, her plot in this episode was the highlight of the night, mostly because it featured guest star Weird Al Yankovic parodying her song for the movie. I loved that she went on Jimmy Fallon’s show and sang a song that no one could parody, so Weird Al sang a patriotic song about the troops coming home.

The only other thing going on this episode was Kenneth quitting his job and becoming a janitor. This plot was a little weird and a bit too out of character for my liking.

Kidnapped in Danger could have been better if it didn’t throw every major character into every storyline, but it was really funny nonetheless. Tonight proved that 30 Rock is back on track. (8/10)

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