’30 Rock: Live From Studio 6H’ Review: 30 Rock Live Returns!

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30 Rock live returns! In the second live episode of 30 Rock, the show takes a refreshing break from its normal setup. However, the change in pace only adds to the humor, as this weeks episode will have you applauding in front of your television.

When Jack decides that this episode of TGS will be the last live episode, Kenneth forces the staff into a “12 Angry Men”-like situation, locking them in Tracy’s dressing room. The young page-turned-janitor forces the crew to remember all the great moments live TV has given them. After many hilarious flashbacks that feel more like SNL sketches, Jack and the crew agree to keep TGS live.

Meanwhile, Jenna, who managed to miss Kenneth’s trap, is determined for Paul to propose to her on camera. However, Paul panics and disappears. Hazel plans to propose in his place, but her plans are dashed when Paul flies in dressed as an Angel. Hazel manages to demonstrate her craziness anyway, making an unwarranted appearance on the show.

However, the true comic beauty of this episode was not the story or the plot, but that certain charm that only live TV can provide. With Tina Fey as the former head writer of SNL, and many of the cast members experienced in live performance, the episode was bound to succeed.

Alec Baldwin demonstrates the same knack for live TV that he has shown so many times on Saturday Night Live, not only in his performance as Jack, but in his multiple characters throughout the show. Moreover, other characters throughout the episode gave way for many exciting cameos including hilarious performances by Amy Poehler, Paul McCartney, Jon Hamm, Fred Armisen (as random side roles that were funnier than most of the primary roles), Donald Glover (also a former writer for the show), and Jimmy Fallon. Rating: 9/10

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