30 Rock: Mazel Tov Dummies Review

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Tonight’s 30 Rock featured the return of Dennis Duffy, Tracy Jordan getting hit by two different taxis, and Jenna almost becoming a slave.  Oh, and Liz Lemon finally ties the knot with Criss!  We couldn’t be happier.

The wedding doesn’t actually occur until the episode’s end, but fear not.  Tonight’s show was chock full of the bizarre, irreverent humor that we have come to know and love, making the entire half-hour one of the series’ best.

Liz and Criss start out the episode by going to a waffle house after failing yet again to get pregnant.  It is here that they run into Dennis Duffy, along with his wife Megan and their adopted son Black Dennis.  Yes, you read that right.  Liz is outraged that a bum like Dennis is able to adopt a baby just because he signed a marriage contract.  So, Liz and Criss decide they’ll get hitched in order to better their chances.  It’s far from romantic, but we’ve come to expect nothing less from Liz, and the fact that she decides to get married at all shows some real maturity.

Speaking of mature, Tracy spends the episode realizing that he’s actually become one of the most stable, healthy adults on the TGS team.  The clips of Tracy reluctantly accepting his new, grown up status are excellent, especially seeing him give up his “chainsaw hat fund” in exchange for a college fund for his kids.   After getting hit by a taxi, Tracy has experiences a moment of existentialism involving Jack dressed as Harriet Tubman.  He then gets hit by another taxi.  With a new lease on life, he decides to produce a Harriet Tubman movie.  After all, it’s a period piece starring a middle-aged woman.  How much more risky could he be?

Meanwhile, Jenna discovers she’s only worth $2,000 when Jack negotiates a cash trade for her.  It’s in exchange for her not being sold as a slave to a creepy janitor as part of a soda promotion.  You know, normal Jenna stuff.  At first she’s upset, but Jack confides in her that, since he’s divorced and aging, he’s worth even less than her.  This storyline was rather small, but it did a good job of continuing to subtly bring Jack and Jenna closer together.  Not to mention, Jenna is armed with a slew of hilarious asides, including a brilliant blink-and-you-missed-it jab at OJ Simpson.

All of this leads up to one fantastic wedding scene for Liz and Criss.  Liz spends the majority of the episode trying to fight her girly impulses and not have a stereotypical, over the top wedding.  She’s seen enough episodes of “Wedding B****es” to know that she doesn’t want to give into societal norms and become a bridezilla. (By the way would anyone else totally watch an episode of “Wedding B****es,” or is it just me?) But, as much as she tries to deny it, she ultimately realizes that its her special day and she wants to be a princess.  Princess Leia to be exact.

The episode ends with Liz walking down the aisle in the white dress worn by Carrie Fisher in the Star Wars films, complete with the two side-buns in her hair.  Jack pitches in, convincing Tony Bennet to come perform as a wedding singer.  This is the moment that fans of the show have been waiting for, and it does not disappoint. It is arguably one of the strangest, funniest, and heartwarming wedding scenes in recent TV history.  It’s so uniquely 30 Rock, that I don’t think any other show could have pulled it off so well.

The one dark mark on this perfect episode is the fact that, for the first time, it really feels like this show is nearing its end.  With a major milestone episode such as this one, Tina Fey and co. seem to be starting to say their farewells to the viewers.  Still, if the rest of the season is anything like this, its clear 30 Rock will go out with a bang.  Grade: A

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