’30 Rock: Meet The Woggles!’ Review

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While Fey makes a good attempt to return 30 Rock to its originally witty style, this week’s episode was a bit forced and awkward.

Elaine Stritch makes yet another great appearance as Jack’s mother in this episode. Despite her usual outstanding performance, the story between Stritch’s character and her son didn’t really work. When Colleen has a heart attack, Jack is forced to deal with her. After grinding each other’s gears, the two ultimately communicate that they love each other. However, before they reach this conclusion, their relationship seems abnormally hostile. In past episodes with Jack’s mother, the relationship is stressful but there is an understood love between the two. Until this episode’s ending, which seemed unnatural and forced, no such love could be seen. Although it certainly garnered a few laughs, the story was strained.

In another parent-child situation, Tracy tries to “de-Urkle” his son, George Forman, when he finds out that George plans on attending Stanford University. The concept, although recycled, seems humorous, but there was hardly enough time to connect with the situation. Upon realizing that he was never there for his son, Tracy, of course, tells his son to go to Stanford, a scene whose full potential was not reached.

In the funniest part of the episode, Jenna dates a children’s music star as she tries to “Yoko” his band. Krakowski is funny in her performance, but the hilarious Australian Woggles upstage her. However, Jenna ultimately realizes (in her own egotistical way) that she is still in love with Paul. With a very quick return by Will Forte as Paul, we can probably expect to see more of him.

Overall the episode was a bit awkward. However, the important thing to take away is that the writers are attempting give us the 30 Rock we found and came to love six years ago. Although this episode seemed forced, Fey and her staff should stick with it, and eventually, 30 Rock will be back on track. Rating: 7/10

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