’30 Rock: Murphy Brown Lied To Us’ Review

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This week’s episode of 30 Rock was perhaps the best of the season. The show has finally returned to its sharp wit, coupled with endearing characters.

In a hilarious intro involving Liz, Criss, spring cleanup, and a gay porn reference, the show reminds us of Liz’s desire to adopt in past seasons when Criss finds an adoption book. Until the end, however, this reminder gets put on hold. When Jack requests that Liz go on a date with his co-worker, Kevin, Liz reluctantly agrees. Although “Kev” does not exceed Liz’s expectations, his daughter does. While Kevin is off on business calls, Liz and his daughter have a witty back-and-forth. When Liz returns to Jack, it is revealed that, as usual, Jack Donaghy had a plan all along. With an endearing, “The world needs more Liz Lemons” Jack encourages Liz to attempt adoption once more.

Meanwhile, Jack has problems of his own. His plans for Kabletown to make couches goes terribly wrong when his American engineers prove to be completely incompetent. The couches are so poorly constructed that they actually torture their users as if they were interrogated. A gut-busting story with funny intermittent commercials, the subplot ends hilariously with the couches actually being used as torture devices.

Jenna’s story was the funniest of the episode. In classic Jenna Maroney fashion, the actress decides that in order to get Paul back, she must have a celebrity breakdown. With Tracy’s help, she performs ridiculous acts that undoubtedly had 30 Rock fans everywhere cracking up. Moreover, the style and feel of the story was much like that of seasons 1 through 3, which were the shows best.

All-in-all this episode was fantastic. Not only was it hilarious but it brought back some aspects that the show had been missing – most of all is our sympathy for Liz Lemon. Liz hasn’t been as cute as she used to be, but this episode ends with Liz popping a bottle of wine, saying adorably, “Life is happening!” Rating: 9.5/10

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