30 Rock: My Whole Life Is Thunder Review

How do you follow up an amazing wedding episode?  With an equally amazing wedding/awards dinner/funeral episode of course!

Tina Fey deserves the right to high five a million angels because 30 Rock‘s final season continues to deliver week after week.  Tonight’s episode featured an excellent Liz/Jenna story, a slew of great guest spots, and some important events that will affect the direction of the show as it slides into home.

The main plot of the night revolved around Jenna being jealous of Liz for stealing the spotlight with her marriage to Criss.  You see, Jenna had been planning to throw a surprise wedding herself.  To retaliate, she plans to sabotage an awards dinner for women in entertainment that Liz is being honored at.  The dinner itself was hilarious, especially Liz’s conversation with guest star Gayle King, who is best friends in real life with a certain other spotlight stealing celebrity (It’s definitely not Oprah…Shh! She can hear us!).  Once again, though, the real laughs came from Jenna’s deviously funny side comments.  Jane Krakowski has truly gotten some of the best lines this season, and it’s hard not to crack up when she goes head-to-head with Liz.

Elaine Stritch returned tonight as Jack’s mother Colleen.  At first it seemed as though she would spend yet another episode nagging at her son while he tries to undermine her.  Instead, the unexpected happens and she shows up to tell Jack that she just wants him to be happy.  She then dies of a heart attack.  Jack is understandably upset, but realizes that her dying words were also her last way of getting under his skin.  Wishing him happiness was her way of saying he’s one of those people who can only ever be happy, and nothing more.  If you know Jack Donaghy at all, you know this is not a compliment.  Still, he does his mother right and gives her the “greatest eulogy of all time,” complete with laughter, tears, and guest star Kermit the Frog.  Then Jenna decides to have her surprise wedding to Paul in the middle of the chapel.  On most shows this would come off as distasteful.  On 30 Rock, it worked perfectly.

The side plot of the night was silly, but still garnered some genuinely funny moments.  Kenneth is angry with Liz for firing his girlfriend Hazel–I guess this means no more Kristen Schaal…do with that as you wish–and wishes life were more like TV where everything works out.  Cue Tracy and a ridiculous scheme involving a broken elevator and a loopy Florence Henderson.  It was the smallest moment of the night, but it was still pretty great, and Tracy had some choice lines as well.

Overall, My Whole Life is Thunder turned out to be yet another great episode to add to 30 Rock‘s steadily growing list.  It’s a true testament to the writing and acting on this show that, so far, this season has yet to disappoint.  I know I’ve ended several of my previous reviews like this, but I feel it’s worth mentioning at least once more.  With episodes this good, 30 Rock is going to be hard to say goodbye to. Grade: A

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  1. Sherry Dauerman says:

    So true! It’s hard to believe that 30 Rock is winding down when the episodes are so power packed full of entertainment.

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