’30 Rock: Queen of Jordan 2: The Mystery of the Phantom Pooper’ Review

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After taking a break from its regular style with a live episode, 30 Rock continues the trend this week with the excellently executed return of its reality-style “Queen of Jordan”.

When the star of “Queen of Jordan” (Tracy’s wife Angie) decides to throw a fashion show, she, as always, makes a big show of it. Not only must she and her fashion show be the center of attention, but Angie demands a surprise from Tracy. Although Tracy seemingly fails to meet her demand at the fashion show, Tracy shows his unexpected love for Angie, as he always does, when he gives Angie the fight she’s always wanted. Although the conclusion was mildly amusing, the plot itself was lacking.

Liz on the other hand had a much funnier plot. When she is assigned the task of watching Angie’s daughter, Virginia, Liz ends up offending the child-with-an-attitude. This feud was undoubtedly the most hilarious aspect of the episode, its funniest moment being Liz walking into the fashion show wearing the same dress as the already angered child. Despite its absurdity, the plot also had a deeper side in that it gave Liz, and the audience, a taste of how she deals with motherhood. So how did she do? Final decision: A+

Jenna’s plot was typical yet amusing. While the reality show takes over 30 Rock, Jenna tries relentlessly to make her way into its story. Krakowski gives yet another amazing performance, and it is important to note that like this episode, Jenna’s character has been a comical highlight of this season.

During this two episode hiatus form its regular style, 30 Rock has lacked force in pushing its continuous story forward. One story in this episode changes this however, when Avery’s mother returns. When she accidentally spills the beans about the relationship between her and Jack, the two must go to extreme means to cover it up. The presentation of the story was moderately funny, but the true interest arises in how Avery will react when she sees the episode. I personally feel a very strong chemistry between Diana and Jack, and if my feeling has any truth, Avery and Jack won’t last very long.

However, the true hilarity of this episode comes in the style itself. With witty introductions and subtitles, coupled with the parodical feud between Liz and Virginia, the show does an outstanding job at a different style. Their execution was spot on, and in fact the writing staff should consider parodying another style of show. Rating: 8.5


What are your thoughts? Any television or movie styles 30 Rock should take a crack at?

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