’30 Rock’ Season 6 Review: Not the Best, But We’ll Take It

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This season did not accomplish what the last five were able to but it had enough great episodes and moments to keep fans tied over as we head into the final season in the fall.

The biggest addition this year was James Marsden as Criss, Liz’s new boyfriend. Is this the man that she has been looking for all this time? Maybe. They are a cute couple but she has had better relationships in the writer’s opinion. But the two of them left off the season on a high note with talks of a baby, something Liz remembered she wants more than anything this season.

The season started off pretty well with some nice gags such as Jenna being the Simon Cowell of the fictional show America’s Kidz Got Singing and some inside humor about Tracy Morgan’s real life homophobic slurs from about a year ago. The first four episodes were a great return to the world of 30 Rock and started one of this season’s most important arcs, Kenneth no longer being a page.

This story brought on Hazel, Kenneth’s eventual replacement. She was an interesting character with some great moments, but she started to suffer from over-exposure by the season’s end.

A few episodes later we got two classics in a row: The Tuxedo Begins, a wonderful little spoof of The Dark Knight, and Leap Day, which did what 30 Rock does best, parody the ridiculous things our culture does. The later was quite easily the best of the season.

But there were too many forgettable episodes this season. For example does anyone really remember what happened in Standards and Practices or The Shower Principle? My guess is no because they were neither hilarious or all that significant plot wise. They weren’t the only two episodes like that this year. It also doesn’t help that two of the season’s more memorable episodes, Grandmentor and Kidnapped by Danger, aired on the same night.

Luckily, however, the season ended on a high note. Starting with Murphy Brown Lied to Us, season six kicked it into high gear. The second live episode was fantastic (both versions) and even moved the plot forward a bit. The second Queen of Jordan episode was just as hysterical as the first, even if some of the originality felt gone.

The last two episodes saw the return of Elizabeth Banks as Jack’s wife Avery, whose mother Jack kissed a few episodes prior. It was sad to see her go but hopefully she’ll appear at least once in the final season.

The writers seem to have their work cut out for them for their last season. Find Jack a woman. Tie the knot between Liz and Criss. Give Liz a baby. Oh, and give Jenna and Paul the weirdest wedding in television history. After this lackluster season perhaps it is time for 30 Rock to end. Hopefully the writers will feel invigorated with new life and finish the show off on a strong note.

As for season six, while it was probably the weakest season to date, it still had enough of what makes this show great to be enjoyable television. Can’t wait until the fall. (7/10)

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  1. Nosgoth1979 says:

    I wasn’t exactly blown away by this season either, but it was easily forgivable because I felt like they were setting things up to go out with a bang next season. And it’s saying something that even six years in 30 Rock is one of my ‘can’t miss’ shows, which is why I was pretty bummed that I missed this season finale the night it aired. Luckily though, I had PrimeTime Anytime enabled on my DVR, so it recorded it automatically. Even better, because the Auto Hop feature was recently added to the Hopper, I had the option to skip through the commercials automatically. I think the lack of interruptions made the episode flow better, and it made me happier than ever that one of my coworkers at Dish convinced me to get a Hopper.

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