’30 Rock: St. Patrick’s Day’ Review

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This week, 30 Rock tackled the Irish holiday in a lukewarm episode that never really found its footing or had any big laughs.

First off, sorry for how late this review is, we had some behind-the-scenes problems. St. Patrick’s Day was not a terrible episode of the show, but it was far from a great one too. The main story saw Liz’s Irish ex-boyfriend Dennis (you may remember him from past seasons…) interrupting Liz and Criss’ day of ignoring the folks partying in the streets. Dennis’ return was pretty random and not handled nearly as well as we have seen in the past. But it served to build to something bigger. At the end of the episode Liz said “I love you” to Criss, a huge move for the character. Could Criss be the one for Liz? Only time will tell but watching this develop has certainly been both interesting and exciting.

Elsewhere, Jack decided to participate in the writers’ fantasy board game and found more than a few parallels with how the game went and his position with Cabletown. This subplot fell completely flat as there was never a true indication of what Jack was meant to discover about himself, with his final revelation feeling forced.

The only other plot this week was an amusing one where the new page Hazel causes a rift between Tracy and Jenna, who begin fighting for the spotlight on the air of the St. Patrick’s Day parade. While this felt recycled, these two continue to have excellent chemistry.

St. Patrick’s Day was definitely one of the more lackluster episodes of the season, which is disappointing considering the major developments it made in Liz and Criss’ relationship. But it had its fair share of funny moments, just no hilarious ones. (6.5/10)

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