’30 Rock: The Ballad of Kenneth Parcell’ Review

Photo Credit: http://www.nickcannon.com/post/make-sure-youTonight’s NBC lineup yielded two new 30 Rock episodes, and this newest, second episode proved to be funnier of the two.

The episode begins with one of the funniest openings in a while, which is saying something considering Fey likes to start her show off with a big laugh. Jenna shows Liz the preview for her new movie, “Martin Luther King Day” – a parody on New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day consisting of an outrageously long list of random celebrities. Liz’s refusal of course leads to yet another argument between the two friends. Liz searches for a new best friend, only two find her doppelganger in the bathroom of Barnes & Noble. (Her name is Amy, which I personally think is a comical reference to Fey’s best friend, Amy Poehler).

Meanwhile, Jack decides to end the page program which is met with strong objection by Kenneth. While Kenneth pleads and tries his best to persuade Jack, Jack deals with a mistake he made with Hank Hooper, who, to be honest, has continually failed to get a laugh from the 30 Rock audience.

At the beginning of his episode, Tracy contemplates his privileged lifestyle. Although this subplot was absent the majority of the episode, it was one of its strongest and funniest aspects.

Just as the episode begins with hilarity, it ends with hilarity. Jenna and Liz reunite in a comically cliché fashion, followed by the even funnier reuniting of Jack and Kenneth. Although again, my laughter was silenced when Hank Hooper came on to the scene. Finally, Tracy has his own reuniting – he reunites with his love of gifts.

The episode did give cause for one major concern. The show is starting to reunite jokes. I’ve lost count of how many times Jenna and Liz have fought and made-up in the same way the did tonight, and the ending scene, though incredibly funny has also been done. For example, in a past episode when Liz considers doing “Dealbreakers” with another producer, she eventually reunites with Jack in an almost identical scene.

However, I still found myself laughing at the jokes for now, regardless of how they’ve been used before, and something tells me they won’t get old for a long time. (8/10)

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