’30 Rock: The Shower Principle’ Review

Photo Credit: http://www.tvfanatic.com/shows/30-rock/episodes/season_6/the-shower-principle/

30 Rock went pretty meta this week, but not in a good way. Liz Lemon kept admitting that nothing in her life has changed in the last year, and that cycle continued throughout this episode, even if they took “baby steps”.

Usually, 30 Rock is better than most other television but The Shower Principle was just plain bad. Laughs were hard to find in this episode, and even when they appeared they were never smart or even necessarily deserved the laugh. The show has been in a bit of a funk this season but this was just downright bad.

It started with Liz looking at her journal entry from a year ago after something familiar happened. Then, she began predicting everything that would happen based on what happened on this day last year. This would have been funny but the way this meta storyline was handled was just so lazy that the recycled jokes that were meant to have new life in this self-referential context fell completely flat. Examples include Jack trying to worm his way farther into Kabletown and Jenna fighting for the limelight. Sound familiar?

The only really funny moments in this episode were the two meditating sequences shared between Liz and Jack, particularly Jack’s, who’s mastery of the art was pretty hysterical.

Aside from that however, The Shower Principle was just a bad episode of the show. Easily the worst of season six so far, this episode does come shortly after the announcement that there will be a second live episode later in April, which might invigorate some new life into the show. But hopefully, we will see a difference sooner than that because this was just awful. (4/10)

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