30 Rock: Unwindulax Review

More whipsmart humor!  More guest stars!  More classic Jenna Maroney one-liners!  30 Rock continues its final season with another winning episode.

Instead of the usual three storylines setup, tonight’s show saw two seemingly different plotlines converge into one with somewhat of a cliffhanger ending.

After cutting a Jimmy Buffet-esque beach bum single, Jenna attracts a large new fanbase called the”Crabcatchers.”  Basically, middle-aged folks from northern Florida who like drinkin’ margaritas, relaxin’, and havin’ a damn good time.  Guest stars Amy Sedaris and Gary Cole have a fun time playing two Crabcatchers who continually bump into Liz and the TGS crew throughout the episode.  The real treat here though, is Jane Krakowski.  Jenna, now forced to curb her more high-maintenance tendencies in order to appeal to her new followers, is given some excellent throwaway lines as she hilariously lashes out at her co-workers whenever she gets a free moment.

Meanwhile, over in Liz and Jack land, the latter invites the former to be his replacement +1 at a Republican fundraiser when his date falls through.  It turns out he actually wants to use Liz as bait to give Republicans a common enemy to route against, making them want to donate more money to the Romney campaign.  In retaliation, Liz decides to use her show as a platform to educate people on her own political beliefs using Lutz’s cousin Kellan (the Twilight actor plays himself in a perfectly goofy cameo).  Liz and Jack have some terrific back-and-forth in this episode, and it’s always a pleasure to see the two of them matching wits.

The story comes to a head when Liz and Jack begin to look at individual states and who they are most likely to vote for.  Finding that most states are already decidedly Republican or Democratic, the two come to the unfortunate realization that the Crabcatchers are really the only part of the population that could change the vote either way.  Thus, the next President of the United States will be chosen by…Jenna Maroney! Dun, dun dun!

“Unwindulax” turned out to be another great episode in 30 Rock‘s final season.  The night was chock full of the zingers and charm that made this show a comedy staple in the first place.  Not to mention, the cliffhanger left me excited to see where this story will go next.  If this episode is any indication, more Jenna is never a bad thing.  Grade: A-

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