A Seriously Awesome New Trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5

Photo Credit: http://starwarsblog.starwars.com/index.php/category/news/

If you are a Star Wars fan and aren’t already watching this show, it looks like now is the time.

Looks like we won’t be having to wait too long for more Darth Maul. By the looks of this trailer Clone Wars is done holding back.

Perhaps the most interesting thing teased in this story is Darth Maul and Savage Opress teaming with the Death Watch for their war. This is two of the show’s biggest antagonists coming together to battle the Jedi. Wow! Even more wowing? Darth Sidious! In the flesh! Wielding TWO lightsabers!

Other highlights from the trailer include Republic commandos, Asajj Ventress fighting Ahsoka, and teases of the Rebellion and Anakin leaning ever closer to the Dark Side. What a trailer! If this is any indication we have the best season yet on our hands. Season five of Star Wars: The Clone Wars premieres September 29th at 9:30am (set those alarms older fans) on Cartoon Network. Check out the new trailer below!

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