‘Act of Valor’ Review: Did Anyone Actually Want to Make This Movie?

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Act of Valor is not a bad film. The story is decent, nothing too different from your average war movie. The actors all do their job decently well, surprising considering they are actual Navy SEALS. The action is well done, but you won’t see any of the battles making a top 10 list or anything. No, Act of Valor is pretty much completely average in every way.

First and foremost, however, it is a propaganda film. Our heroes are introduced as SEAL Team 7. Considering SEAL Team 6 was responsible for the death of Osama bin Laden, you can see where the filmmakers want your thoughts to go. The film makes being a Navy SEAL look awesome without forgetting that war can in fact cause death.

But aside from that, something tells me that no one involved with the making of this movie really had their heart in it. The story could have been tense and the characters could have been better had someone believed in them. But sadly no one did and the film really suffers for it. Act of Valor is completely lifeless.

The actors do their job well enough to not criticize them. I am actually going to praise the two actors who played the villains, as they had some genuine chemistry and added electricity to all of their scenes. However, the dialogue is pretty atrocious. The two main characters talk about a total of two topics through the entire duration of the movie: war and one of their unborn kids. It gets tiresome after about half an hour.

But the main reason that most people will go see Act of Valor is to see the action, and on that level the movie delivers. None of the battles revolutionize the way war movies will be made but it still had some really exciting moments.

Act of Valor is not the tragedy it could have been, but had someone truly cared about anything in regards to the story or characters, it could have been so much more. Grade: C-


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