Agent Carter: “A Sin to Err” Episode 6 Review

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As we head into the end of the season, Agent Carter‘s various plot threads are starting to come together, but the pace could still use some work.

The first half of “A Sin to Err” almost completely lacked any urgency. Peggy and Jarvis were visiting Howard Stark’s ex-lovers to see if any of them might have been part of what we know to be the Black Widow program in Russia. The thought is that this could lead to the forces setting up Stark. Meanwhile, Sousa is investigating Peggy after she gets IDed as the mysterious blonde woman at the party from the premiere.

Neither is faced with any sense of tension until the second half of the episode, once Sousa confirms Peggy is helping Stark. That’s when these two storylines converge in some really cool ways. Peggy gets ambushed at the diner by her coworkers, giving her the chance to have an awesome escape, even if the action was shot a little too frantically for us to appreciate the choreography. She even gets to take down Thompson, just after he bought her bourbon last week too!

The SSR chases her down to her apartment, where Angie acts her butt off to get the agents out of her apartment so she can help Peggy. But then there’s Dottie to worry about, the Black Widow whose been instructed to kill Peggy by the Russian psychiatrist the Howling Commandos freed last week. During a run-in in the hallway, Dottie kisses Peggy, poisoning her. When the SSR agents caught up to them before Dottie had a chance to kill Peggy, I half expected a big fight between them, and was kind of disappointed when I didn’t get one.

Look, Agent Carter is a Marvel show, yet it is seriously lacking in the action department. “A Sin to Err” was hardly the worst offender, but if you’re going to use the Black Widow program, use Black Widow fighting skills. Dottie isn’t Natasha Romanov, you have to make her appealing some other way. These last two episodes better ramp up the action and the stakes or this miniseries is going to feel like the most insignificant thing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

That’s the big problem with Agent Carter, significance. It’s not strong enough to stand on its own outside the MCU, nor is it seemingly significant enough to have any effect on the universe as a whole. “A Sin to Err” was actually one of the better episodes of the series, but with just two episodes to go, the stakes just aren’t there. Agent Carter continues to be just good enough to keep watching, but it doesn’t seem to be aspiring to be anything more. Hopefully that will change by season’s end. Grade: B

By Matt Dougherty

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