Agent Carter: “Snafu” Episode 7 Review

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In the penultimate episode of the season, Agent Carter finally hit its stride. Filled with action, humor, and twists, this was the most marvelous entry of them all.

It’s no secret that Agent Carter, after starting with promise, trailed off and didn’t seem interesting in becoming interesting. Last week’s “A Sin to Err” put the pieces in motion for an explosive end to the season, and “Snafu” started to deliver on that potential.

We start the episode with Peggy in custody and being questioned by her SSR colleagues. This was particularly rewarding from the perspectives of Thompson and Sousa. While Sousa has been on Peggy’s side from the beginning, Thompson only recently grew to respect her. Turning both of those on their head so suddenly was one of the first times Agent Carter felt like it was trying to raise the stakes, and it worked.

Luckily, Jarvis comes to Peggy’s side with a supposed confession from Howard Stark. Once Chief Dooley throws them in a room together, their comedic interplay hits an all-time high, peaking of course with the table being put through the glass later in the episode.

But Peggy notices Ivchenko communicating through Morse code out the window. She confesses everything to Dooley, Thompson, and Sousa so they will believe her about this. Ivchenko is communicating of course with Dottie, the evil Black Widow. Thompson and Sousa go after her, leading to a pretty awesome face-off between Dottie and Sousa.

Using his goofy hypnosis technique, Ivchenko gets Dooley to think he’s at home spending time with his neglected family. Instead, he’s put on Howard Stark’s failed heat vest experiment, effectively turning him into a suicide bomb. Dooley’s sacrifice out the window was gut-wrenching.

As for what Ivchenko and Dottie are up to, the latter lets some gas loose in a movie house that causes the theatergoers to start coughing and then brutally murdering each other (anyone see Kingsman this weekend?). If they plan to unleash this on the city, Peggy and the SSR certainly got their hands full for the finale next week.

As a build-up for said finale, “Snafu” was pretty damn great. Next week, it’s time for the SSR to bring the fight to Leviathan. Time to see if Agent Carter was really worth all the trouble. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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