Agent Carter: “The Blitzkrieg Button” Episode 4 Review

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Agent Carter is at least consistent. But there’s not much else I can say about the series that doesn’t seem to be trying to be anything more than decent.

Hayley Atwell of course continues to act her ass off, and this episode did have the added bonus of Howard Stark being around, but this show still sort of feels like it’s on autopilot.

“The Blitzkrieg Button” started with Peggy and Jarvis getting their hands dirty, but things slowed down from there back into the typical routine. Peggy sneaking around her female-only apartment complex with various male characters (not as scandalous as it sounds), Peggy sneaking around her coworkers as she tries to help Stark, and said coworkers inching slightly closer to finding her out.

This episode would have felt more repetitive if it wasn’t for Stark’s presence. He at least added some comedy to what has already become formulaic. The mission this week revolves around Peggy stealing back one of his inventions from the SSR. Once she succeeds, she finds out that it contains a vile of Steve Rogers’ blood.

This is when the episode got very strange. Why was Peggy freaking out at Stark for having some of Captain America’s blood? Is she really just sad because he’s gone? It felt like the writers were reaching for drama that just wasn’t there. That said, I like the story possibilities of the super-soldier infused blood being in the wrong hands, even if it is a little to similar to Arrow‘s Mirakuru plot from just a year ago.

One person who already seems to be affected by it and at the peak of human potential is Peggy’s next door neighbor Dottie. Her neck snap of the creepy guy with the cool gun was the best stunt Agent Carter has pulled off yet. This could be one way to up the show’s action game.

The episode ends with Stark on the run once again, leaving Peggy’s world pretty much the same from where we started tonight. Halfway through the season, Agent Carter doesn’t appear to have much direction. I have to admit that I’m starting to wonder if the decision to bring Peggy to television had any more thought behind it than her being a fan-favorite. But the show is still enjoyable enough I suppose. Grade: B

Some Extra Thought Bubbles:

– The luxurious hideaway Peggy and Jarvis found Stark in was a great gag. You really could just slap Robert Downey Jr. in these scenes and they’d work just as well.

– Sousa got some nice development this week, while also proving that losing a leg isn’t enough to put him down.

– With Cap’s blood on the market, are we going to find out how the government managed to use it to turn Emil Blonsky into the Abomination way back in The Incredible Hulk? Hah, nerd sentences.

– Stan Lee!!!


By Matt Dougherty

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