American Horror Story: Asylum – I Am Anne Frank Part 2 Review

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To call this episode anything less than mind blowing would be inaccurate. This is the best episode American Horror Story has yet to deliver, and it did it by straying a bit from its usual MO.

For the first forty five minutes, it was a much quieter episode. Wrought with anticipation rather than its usual constant thrills. And the last fifteen minutes literally gave me chills, as Bloody Face’s true identity sunk in.

Anne Frank turns out to be Charlotte…a woman suffering from postpartum psychosis whose husband comes to retrieve her, and subsequently brings her back when he’s unable to control her. The old fashioned footage of the two of them at their home was extremely well done. Jessica Lange abandons her attempts at digging up any potential Nazi dirt on Dr. Arden when she learns of Charlotte’s true identity, and Dr. Arden makes it clear that her time at Briarcliff is done. Sister Jude retreats to her former life of whiskey, lipstick, and men. Jessica Lange shines even more so than usual this week; in fact it just might be her best performance on this show to date. And that is certainly saying something.

Dr. Threadson promises Lana that he’ll help her attempt to escape from Briarcliff, just after he’s done assessing Kit and coaxing a confession out of him, even though they both seem relatively sure it’s false. Meanwhile, Grace is set to undergo a sterilization surgery at Sister Jude’s orders. But what happens to her takes us back to the first episode, to Kit’s alleged alien abduction. She appears to suffer the same fate, and she reveals that she saw his wife during the experience and that she’s still alive. She reveals this as Kit is being dragged from the asylum, off to a death sentence by electric chair.

Dr. Arden performs a lobotomy on Charlotte/Anne Frank. It is successful, for the time being, but it’s clear that his Nazi past is very real. And that Sister Mary Eunice will do whatever she can to aid the doctor in whatever sick missions he might embark on

Bloody Face’s identity is revealed this week, brilliantly. The entire episode was a complete mind spin for the viewer. It feels like the writers are finally starting to clue us in to what the actual realities at Briarcliff are. And what they are is even more terrifying than we imagined. Grade: A


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