American Horror Story: Asylum – Spilt Milk Review

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This was, without question, my favorite episode American Horror Story: Asylum has delivered. Beautifully shot, and full of captivating performances, this episode managed to make me appreciate the bizzare events of last week.

Dylan McDermott is back as Johnny, the son of Lana and Threadson, taking out his mommy issues on a prostitute he hires to breastfeed him, and subsequently murders.

While I haven’t been a huge fan of the alien storyline thus far, the way they handled it this week was just as strange but a lot less distracting with Grace detailing her abduction. She explains to Kit that the aliens put their baby inside her, and that his rapid growth was due to the different pace of time she experienced. She also tells him that Alma died. Their family time is short lived as the baby is taken away from them by a Catholic home for lost children.

Last week, Sister Jude told Mother Claudia that Lana didn’t deserve to be in the asylum, and this week, the Mother Superior helps her escape, and encourages her to write her expose on Briarcliff. The image of Lana riding away in a taxi, while giving Threadson the finger, is one of the most memorable of the season. Lana shows up in Threadson’s apartment, having already given the tape of his confessions to the cops, to demand he tell her where Wendy’s body is. He tells her how he violated her corpse, and Lana shoots and kills him before he has a chance to go for his own gun. Sarah Paulson was absolutely exquisite this week, both with her glamorous look and her breathtaking performance.

Back at the asylum, Jude is coming out of her shock therapy daze, and calls the Monseigneur out on his ambitions and his loss of purity, and notes the irony of it taking her being wrongfully locked up in a mental ward to gain clarity. But when Lana returns to the Monseigneur with a court order to let him talk to Sister Jude to substantiate her whole story, he tells her that he placed Jude in solitary and she hung herself. As viewers we learn that this is a lie, but Lana and the detectives leave Briarcliff defeated.

Kit is released now that Bloody Face’s true identity is revealed, and he reasons with the Monseignuer to release Grace and their baby as well. When they arrive home, they find Alma waiting for them. With a baby.

Lana, unable to go through with an abortion after all the horror and death she’s seen, gives birth as well, and begrudgingly agrees to breastfeed him.

So this is how we head into the end of the season. Down several main characters, with Briarcliff running business as usual. For the most part, this week felt like a finale episode to me, and though I know there are still a few loose ends, I’m very interested to see how they’re going to stretch two more episodes out of it. I haven’t been able to get into all the alien stuff, but I don’t hate the turn it took this episode. I just hope that the focus is more on Lana Winters than the aliens in the final episodes. All season we’ve been rooting for Lana to get justice, and this week it seems like her story was almost wrapped up. Almost. But they can’t end the season without exposing the horrors of the asylum, or some redemption for Sister Jude. I’m not sure that an offbeat happy ending like last season is in the cards for the tragic heroines of Briarcliff, but here’s hoping that’s what we’ll be getting next week. Because this episode is going to be very difficult to top. Grade: A

By: Meghan Coan


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