American Horror Story: Coven- “Boy Parts” Season 3 Episode 2 Review

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“Boy Parts” was one of the most entertaining and enjoyable hours of television I’ve been treated to in quite some time.

To say that American Horror Story pushes boundaries would be an understatement. Being unafraid to take risks coupled with its hilarious self-awareness is making this season an absolute delight.

Anyone who watched last season had to have been thrilled that Lily Rabe is clearly going to be playing a more prominent role, all while wearing Avril Lavigne stye eyeliner and letting gators loose on cast members of Swamp People. She also inspired what I’m sure will be several hours of me googling “Stevie Nicks and witchcraft” which I’m now obsessed with. (Fun fact: before Coven, my go-to on witches was the movie Practical Magic, and Stevie Nicks featured very heavily in that soundtrack. Coincidence? I’ll let you know after I google.) Basically, she’s perfect.

And her power of resurgence came in handy when she was drawn to the witches after Madison and Zoe’s botched attempt at bringing Kyle (Evan Peters) back to life after his tragic death in last week’s bus incident. Watching Madison play Dr. Frankenstein, and the subsequent resurrection ritual, was amazing.

Everything that happened this week was amazing. Our glimpse into Queenie’s past, Nan setting Madame LaLaurie free, Cordelia and her husband’s fertility ritual…there was not a scene the entire episode that was not absolutely captivating.

The most captivating of all featured Jessica Lange and Angela Bassett in an incredible interaction at Marie Laveau’s salon. Fiona makes a visit to the voodoo priestess upon learning of her gift for brewing immortality potions, knowledge gained from Madame LaLaurie’s unfortunate tale. If I could point to one thing I’m most excited about this season, and it’s difficult because there are SO many things, it’s watching these three incredible actresses interact.

There are very few shows where every single character is well crafted, but after only two episodes, this is definitely proving to be one of them. And making just enough pop culture references to witches (Charmed, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, STEVE NICKS) allows us as viewers feel like we’re in on it. In on what? The secret? The joke? All of it. The kitschy humor was large absent from last season, and its presence in the writing of Coven makes this show much more lovable than I ever could have anticipated. I cannot wait for next week, so I’ll just be researching Fleetwood Mac until then. Grade: A

By: Meghan Coan


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