American Horror Story: Coven- “Fearful Pranks Ensue” Season 3 Episode 4 Review

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In an episode that left us with more questions than answers, we know one thing for sure: the truce is over.

The established truce between the voodoo and Salem witches is at an end after Fiona’s stunt at Marie’s salon, but other than that, much is still unclear. We learn more about Spalding this week…but I would’ve been ok without knowing about the creepy doll tea parties. But he’s kept Fiona’s secrets for years due to a misguided unrequited love for her. We learn this through a pretty amazing flashback when the elusive council comes to visit after learning of Madison’s disappearance.

The council is just as great as I’d hoped they’d be. The three witches, all great characters, including a former classmate of Fiona’s, were there to find out what happened to Madison. But without help from Spalding, and with Cordelia still in the dark about her mother’s actions, they got nowhere. This week, anyway.

The war between the witch tribes was escalated this week by Fiona killing the minotaur that left Queenie near death, and Marie subsequently raising a zombie army, including Madame LaLaurie’s three daughters, to surround the boarding school on Halloween night.

A lot about this episode was great. The dynamic of the council was all that I could have hoped for. And seeing Cordelia and Fiona doing something resembling mother/daughter bonding was fun, until the fun ended with Cordelia being blinded by a hooded figure in the bathroom.

And let’s talk about poor Cordelia for a second. What’s the deal with Hank? Cheating and murdering? I didn’t really see that coming, and I don’t exactly know what to make of it. Is he a serial killer maybe? A hit man? I hope we get the full story very soon, because I don’t like that loose end.

The only dull part of the episode was necessary, I suppose. And short, so it hardly affected the flow of the episode. But Kyle seems to be gaining slightly more awareness…enough awareness to slip away from Zoey in the midst of trick or treat.

I also have to mention that young Fiona is almost as captivating as Jessica Lange is, which is no easy task. She captures the character, and that charming accent, perfectly.

This was an intriguing and exciting episode in a season that continues to be both fun and dark. This could have easily been a filler episode, with the inquisition into Madison’s death just beginning and the war just getting started, but this week still managed to give us so much drama. If I have any complaints, it’s that there are too many cliffhangers and next Wednesday is too far away. Grade: B+

By: Meghan Coan


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