American Horror Story: Coven “Go to Hell” Season 3 Episode 12 Review

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It appears that perhaps American Horror Story has not learned from their missteps in previous seasons as it had seemed.

Introducing us to the Seven Wonders was actually one of my favorite opening sequences, but what followed was the least impressive episode of the season.

Delphine managed to chop Marie up and bury her, a threat Marie had previously made herself. Queenie learns of this, and combined with her new ability to travel to hell, she kills Delphine. While Queenie’s personal hell was the fried chicken fast food restaurant she used to work at, Delphine’s is being trapped in her former torture chamber, watching Marie torture her family for all of eternity. Marie is confined to hell too because chopped up into pieces, she’s unable to fulfill her contract that was keeping her immortal.

The reason this episode was probably the most boring to date (despite some dramatic turns) is that it put the two most underwhelming characters center stage: Cordelia and the Axeman. Cordelia’s visions have returned…though I’m starting to suspect she did not need to horribly disfigure herself in order to regain this power. Anyway, in this vision, she sees Fiona killing the whole coven and running away sans Axeman, and she reveals this to Fiona’s lover. He takes it as one might expect a deranged former serial killer to, by brutally murdering Fiona and then showing up at the coven with the intention of finishing off the rest of the ladies. But, this was a huge mistake, as all the girls’ powers are growing very strong, and they turn the knives on him.

All the girls now includes Zoe and Misty, Zoe who’s returned from her getaway with Kyle convinced she’s the supreme, and Misty who was rescued by Cordelia and returned to beat up Madison. Actually, Misty and Madison’s fist fight was probably the most exciting part of this episode. Next week, all the girls have to take the test of the seven wonders, which will be interesting as each one is as sure as the next that they’re the reigning supreme.

The problem with this episode is that the three strongest actors and characters were all done away with this week. What is Coven without Delphine and Marie? But more importantly, what is this show, this series, without Jessica Lange? I have very little hope for a finale void of Fiona. I would have hoped after killing off the most interesting villains ¾ of the way through last season, the writers of American Horror Story would’ve learned some lessons, but apparently they have not. Will next week be fun to watch the girls fight for the title of supreme? Probably, but not nearly as much fun as if Fiona was condescendingly watching them do it.

Grade: C+


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