American Horror Story: Coven-“Head” Season 3 Episode 9 Review

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In my favorite episode of the season, we’re reminded that it’s not all fun and games in Coven.

This week gave us a little bit of Hank’s origin story. Apparently witch hunting, like witchcraft, runs in families. And Hank Foxx is the son of a witch hunting CEO. Delphine Trust, witch hunting corporation and huge financial institution is also wary of the liberals in Washington, which I love. Hank turned into a blubbering weakling in front of his father, when he reminds him that he isn’t a very good witch hunter. It also turns out that Hank’s dad was responsible for Cordelia’s blindness, which Hank is understandably irked by. That is, until his father reminds him that his marriage is a sham, and Cordelia will have to be killed eventually.

Speaking of Cordelia’s blindness, it was easy to forget that she was blind with how ruthless she’s become. But, her auntie Myrtle is here to help. She poisons the other two council members, gouges out their eyes to give to Cordelia, and then chops them up. Something I’m learning about witches is they really really love revenge, and they’re very efficient at it. Cordelia isn’t entirely happy with Myrtle’s methods. For one thing, they were disgusting, and for another, her visions are now gone. But, her sight is back. Everything is a give and take.

The youngest coven members gather at the hospital to visit Luke. Madison rocks a super chic fur hat, and Nan uses her clairvoyance to temporarily gain acceptance from Luke’s mother. That is, until the most ridiculous plot twist yet. Luke reveals to Nan that his mother murdered his father for having an affair. The murder weapon? Bees. American Horror Story, you can do better than this.

But don’t worry! Because they do.

I know it was an insignificant scene plot wise, and with so much going on it’s probably not even worth mentioning, but Cordelia tutoring Misty while listening to Stevie Nicks was such a small but amusing scene that was one of my favorites. Another tiny but fun scene was Fiona and Kyle playing gin. Fiona worked her magic on Kyle so he can hopefully help protect the coven. Also he can now play cards.

Now for the good stuff. This all happened very fast, and was AMAZING.

After being the victim of one of Marie’s attacks for not carrying out his task of killing the witches, Hank attacks the voodoo witches’ hair salon, killing nearly everyone. But not Marie. Queenie uses her last act, and amazing power, to kill Hank just before he pulls the trigger on Marie. Hank’s father weeps when he learns of his son’s death. Delphine weeps watching the movies Queenie left on for her to educate her on race relations. And Luke’s mother suffocates him when he comes out of his coma and calls her out on murder. All the while, “Oh Freedom!” plays. American Horror Story proves once again that they know what they’re doing. Their use of music is just one of the ways they create perfect suspense. The ending sequence, culminating with Marie showing up at the coven, was truly spectacular.

This season of American Horror Story has a ton going on, but unlike the past two seasons, the plot isn’t getting sloppy. It’s just getting better and better. This was the most action filled episode since the zombie attack, and it was done flawlessly. I cannot wait for the next episode. I have so many questions! Will Fiona allow Marie to come under the coven’s protection? Is the Axeman still a thing? What will happen to Delphine’s head? So many wonderful questions are left every week, and I have yet to be unsatisfied by the answers we’ve been given thus far. Grade: A

By: Meghan Coan


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