American Horror Story: Coven-“Protect the Coven” Season 3 Episode 11

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This week’s episode of Coven was bloody, disturbing, and fantastic.

First of all, as was pointed out to me this week, these younger girls are getting really good at witchcraft despite the lack of any tutelage going on. Zoe used her powers to discover that Fiona and Marie killed Nan (whose funeral was hilarious.) Queenie used her powers to evade death and piece Delphine back together. And Madison used her powers to throw a huge hissy fit and break a mirror.

So Delphine is back, and her sociopathic tendencies took center stage this week as she gutted the coven’s gardener in the attic, erasing any sympathy we might’ve felt for her at one time. She gets confronted by ghost Spalding, who encourages her to try to kill Marie. He gives her a Benadryl in exchange for an expensive collector baby doll. I don’t know. Also, how does being a ghost work? Because between Spalding and the Axeman, it seems like it’s exactly like being alive.

The Axeman. He seems more in love with Fiona than ever. So in love that he shows up to the meeting between her, Marie, and the witch hunters/financial firm to murder all the executives. Hank’s father warns that their deaths won’t be the end of the war, but I guess we’ll see about that.

I spent the past few episodes wishing Cordelia would grow a pair, and this week, she did. I guess all the girls and her mother being horribly mean to her for being so useless wore her down. Stabbing her own eyes out with garden shears in hopes of regaining her visions was a bold move, and one I’m not yet convinced worked. But either way, Myrtle did a hell of a job convincing Fiona that it did.

Myrtle was very convincing this week in general, managing to talk Zoe into running away to Epcot with Kyle for their own safety. I’m not entirely sure why she chose Orlando, but I guess Disney is fun. I feel like putting FrankenKyle around a bunch of little kids, no matter how civilized he’s magically become, isn’t the best idea, but hey, who am I to judge? It’s not like I’m the next supreme or anything. (Because seriously, who is the next supreme? They’re killing me with this.)

A lot of significance happened this week, but probably nothing more so than Spalding knocking Marie over the head, and telling Delphine to bury her. He seems to think they can bury her so she won’t be able to escape, but I’m not so sure the immortal queen of the voodoo witches is that easily conquered. Also, if there are no witch hunters and no voodoo witches that means there’s really no threat to the coven and therefore no drama and no show. So, spoiler alert: this plan isn’t going to work.

Basically, everyone was at their worst this week. (Except Cordelia, but she might now just be blind and useless, so TBD on that. And Zoe, who was just kind of boring.) Everyone was mean and spiteful and brutal, and when all these women are at their worst, the series is at its best. Every single week this show manages to shock, not just with blood and guts, but with thoughtful twists in the plot that continually keep us guessing. And until next week, I’m just really worried about that baby under Spalding’s care…though, he keeps his dolls in impeccable shape. Grade: A-

By: Meghan Coan


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