American Horror Story: Coven-“The Axeman Cometh” Episode 6 Season 3 Review

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I’m left with several questions after this week’s episode of Coven. Some will be answered by the natural progression of the plot, but some are larger questions about witchcraft that I think I’m just going to have to live with. (Chemotherapy and blindness give you new powers? How? I want to know. Maybe Stevie Nicks knows.)

 This was the first episode I have a handful of petty complaints about. One is that the flashback to the witches killing The Axeman was the most mediocre flashback of the season. It was meant to be very dramatic, the witches from the early 1900s luring in and killing a serial killer, but it didn’t take. (Also if anyone can tell me why Cordelia’s accident has made her start speaking like she’s from the 1900s, I’d appreciate it.) The other thing I took issue with is that what appears is going to be a major plot point this season, what with The Axeman seducing a lonely Fiona, began with a Ouija board. Now, American Horror Story has never shied away from using gimmicks, nor should they, because generally they are executed with a flawless tongue in cheek touch that only this show seems to be able to pull of. Not this week though. The seriousness that surrounded the Ouija board, and Zoe, Nana, and Queenie in general this week, was quite frankly lame. Because it didn’t take. This suddenly self assured, Nancy Drew, soon-to-be-supreme Zoe is a little irritating. And I just wish Spaulding would be more in the background than he was this week.
But, I digress. Because some of the episode was spectacular. Lily Rabe. Her reaction to Kyle ruining her Steve Nicks tape (only a true monster would do that!) was the kind of silly but sincere acting a lot of the episode was missing. And Misty brought Madison Montgomery back to life at just the right time, just as the other girls are beginning to wear on me, Also, Misty has literally planted Myrtle Snow and is gardening her back to life. That’s brilliant. Misty knows what’s up, she knew something was amiss with the coven as soon as she set foot in the house. (A supreme who murders a pupil, then frames a member of the council for blinding her daughter would be considered “amiss” I think.) Basically, Misty is the best witch. And she also has the best wardrobe. Between her and Madison, some of the lightness was restored to the show.
But, on the other hand, the darkness is getting really juicy. Hank Foxx is a witch hunter! On Marie’s payroll! I didn’t see that coming at all, and I love it so much. I have SO many questions as to the hows and whys of that whole situation, and I cannot wait for it to unravel. But finding out that Cordelia’s husband is actually being paid to kill them all wasn’t the most unsettling part of the episode; once again, that scene belonged to Fiona. She’s decided to seek chemo treatments, and watching her in her signature chic black ensemble surrounded by fellow cancer patients, being subjected to their thoughts, was a strangely powerful scene. A balance between the supernatural and human weakness. Which is what this show has done so beautifully all season.
All in all, this was a good episode. Following an amazing zombie attack episode could not have been easy, but they did a fine job. I just can’t wait for the next episode, because a lot is brewing within the coven. Grade: B




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