American Horror Story: Coven-“The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks” Season 3 Episode 10 Review

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STEVIE NICKS. Never one to shy away from gimmicks, Coven featured a guest appearance by Stevie Nicks where she played two full songs. It was kitschy and whimsical and unapologetic, like the best of American Horror Story. (Also the Eminem dialogue between Madison and Fiona was perfection, and I’ll be thinking about it forever.)

There was a lot tonight that showcased the best this show has to offer, so I’ll briefly breeze through the worst. It wasn’t completely awful, but I have to say that the Voodoo Jack Sparrow Satan (he wasn’t thoroughly explained, so that’s what we’ll call him) did remind me of the stupid dark angel from last season. Just in that his appearance felt like a cop out to explain Marie’s immortality, and that stupid angel last season felt gratuitous in every episode. But, his insistence upon baby souls once a year was as brutal as him telling Fiona she had no soul, so I’ll let it slide.

Fiona was more than willing to trade Cordelia’s life for her own immortality, especially after berating Cordelia for marrying Hank in the first place. But the devil wouldn’t take the deal. Meanwhile, Cordelia is kind of terrible now that she has no power and no husband and terrible judgment.

One of the best plotlines of the whole season has been the battle for the title of supreme, and tonight it got extra juicy and ruthless. And extra confusing. Who is the supreme? Because honestly, at this point, it could be anyone. It could be Stevie, for all we know. (It’s not.) But with Nan’s new mind control powers, which she’s using for good to kill Luke’s mother, Madison’s evil but brilliant plotting to thwart Misty from potentially taking the throne, and Zoe’s past show of insane power to stop zombies in their tracks, it really could be anyone. Maybe they’re all supremes. Maybe I’m the supreme. Anything could happen at this point, which is why this show is so exciting.

Marie and Fiona joining forces is all that I hoped it could be. Angela Bassett and Jessica Lange are having the time of their lives, and in turn, so are we. They have no choice but to come together, and their first order of business? Killing Nan in place of killing a baby. She goes off with Captain Jack Sparrow, and I’ll never ever understand how the afterlife works in this show. Fiona also orchestrates the financial downfall of the witch hunting empire, which I found hilarious. The mouse maze spell, the Bernanke joke, all of it.

Compared to last week’s insanely exciting attack on the voodoo witches, this week was less eventful, but no less entertaining. To be fair, after all the buildup this season, they did need to carve out a fair amount of time for Stevie. I love how the season is progressing, and even though Marie and Fiona are clearly the center of this show, I think the fact that they’ve developed every character so fully is incredibly impressive. I can’t wait for next week, the previews look as funny and wonderful as ever. Grade: B+

By: Meghan Coan

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