American Horror Story: Coven- “The Sacred Taking” Season 3 Episode 8 Review

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Things are getting pretty serious on Coven.

The romances are heating up. Between the Axeman and Fiona, and between Kyle and Zoe. It would seem that Madison is the odd man out in their creepy threesome, because FrankenKyle professes his love for Zoe. She’s sad, but there are way more important things going on in this episode.

Misty and Myrtle show up at the coven for protection after they’re nearly hunted down by a man with a gun. (Hank! It’s Hank! How does Cordelia not know this yet??) And with their arrival, the girls hatch a plan to get Fiona to kill herself so the new supreme can emerge. Everyone has their own theories on who the new supreme is, but the thing everyone agrees on is that it’s time for Fiona to go. Madison’s performance when she tries to convince Fiona she is the supreme is amazing and fun and dark, the essence of this show. It seems their plan is really going to work too, until it is thwarted by Spalding. I don’t really understand the rules about death this season, except that no one actually dies. So Spalding is back, I guess as a ghost, to warn Fiona about the trickery. Fiona lets them know she’s wise to them, and Jessica Lange is perfect as always.

Something I have to point out, regardless of how fabulously she rocks a head scarf, seeing Jessica Lange broken down is seriously unsettling. It was last season when she turned into a comatose mental patient, and it is this season as well as her cancer progresses. Jessica Lange is handling it flawlessly, and I’m equally rooting for and against Fiona as she descends further towards death.

Now, with all the speculation about who the next supreme is, everyone seems pretty sure it’s not Nan. Nan, fed up with Madison’s hilarious insults, runs away to Luke’s house. She wants to rescue him from his mother. (Sure, these witches can be scary, but do you know what’s scarier? An enema.) But just before Nana and Luke can escape, he and his mother are shot. By a witch hunter. (HANK! IT’S HANK! I’m going to be so happy when they figure it out.)

After the whole ordeal with learning they’re being hunted, Fiona and Cordelia have a very unorthodox mother daughter moment that’s surprisingly delightful. Even more delightful? It’s interrupted by Delphine’s decapitated head arriving in a box from Marie. It was the best episode ending ever.

With the war with the voodoo witches and the knowledge that a witch hunter is on the loose, the coven is coming together and things are only getting more fun the more intense the plot gets. Grade: A


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