American Horror Story: Coven- “The Seven Wonders” Season 3 Finale Review

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The Coven finale began as a Steve Nicks music video, and was mostly downhill from there. (ALERT: This review is full of spoilers, because there’s no way to discuss my disappointment without addressing the reasons behind it.)

American Horror Story has not done a great job with finales in the first two seasons, and this was no exception. Without Fiona, Marie, and Delphine, this was without a doubt the most boring episode of the season.

The remaining girls, Zoe, Madison, Queenie, and Misty all have to complete the Seven Wonders to determine who the next supreme is.

Since she was the most likable, the first to die was Misty during her trip to hell, and then Zoe dies during a witchy game of tag. By this time, the episode had gotten so boring that I found myself rooting for an ending that just killed off the whole coven, leaving the world with no more witches.  But, that’s not what happened, because PLOT TWIST: Cordelia entered the competition. She completed the seven wonders, got her sight back, and brought Zoe back to life just as Kyle was strangling the life out of Madison. So, all along, Cordelia was the supreme. The lamest witch, the most boring character on the whole show. She’s the one to replace the irreplaceable Fiona Goode.

But it didn’t stop there. Cordelia does a TV interview, exposing the coven and encouraging young girls who thought they were witches to reach out. I might be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure the number one rule of being in the coven is you don’t talk about being in the coven. They sure went to a lot of trouble over several hundred years to conceal their identities, but sure, Cordelia, just announce yourself to the world.

There was another plot twist, of course. Fiona’s death had been faked, and she returned to see Cordelia on the verge of death. They share a pointless mother/daughter moment, and Fiona dies, allowing Cordelia to feel the full extent of her power. Fiona finds herself in hell. And her personal hell? Living in a country house with the Axeman for all eternity.

I guess my biggest problem with the finale is that this season was so good. This season had the best plot, some of the best characters; it had so much potential. While it was not a complete failure, with a chapter in the American Horror Story anthology as strong as this, the finale could have been something spectacular, risky, and completely unexpected. Instead it was tame.

I’ll admit, I do like the idea of each person being condemned to their own personal hell, but I still can’t decide if it was a disservice to the character of Fiona to bring her back for five minutes of the finale in such an unglamorous fashion. Seeing her soften to Cordelia wasn’t something we needed to see, it wasn’t something that seemed realistic. If they stayed true to her character, Fiona never would have softened.

In the end, the finale was not good, but it was not terrible either. Cordelia making Queenie dance was the only time the humor the season was laced with emerged, but it did emerge. This finale was simply not memorable, but so many of the other episodes were. It was basically on par with the first season finale…most of which, I can’t recall.

Grade: C+

By: Meghan Coan


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