‘American Reunion’ Review: Exactly What You Would Expect

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American Reunion has a great nostalgia factor but it never manages to do anything new with the franchise.

1999 was a great year for movies. Among them was the original American Pie, one of the best teen comedies of all time. Here we are, thirteen years later and its time for a high school reunion. That is all this film is about, bringing these characters back together to relive the memories of the past. On that level, American Reunion is a great success, but as a film by itself, there isn’t much for non fans to chew on.

Everyone you can think of, even those absent in 2003’s American Wedding is back this time around. Even the brief cameos of characters like the Shermenator and Nadia feel rewarding after so much time has passed. But the real treat is seeing the big five (Jim, Kevin, Finch, Oz, and Stifler) together again. Sean William Scott is as hysterical as ever as Steve Stifler. He still delivers his lines with a giddiness that is only matched perhaps by Eugene Levy’s stint as Jim’s Dad. Your favorite characters are all here in great form.

Now on to the bad news. American Reunion is the weakest film in the franchise, largely because it doesn’t try to do anything original or different from the other three movies. Nothing new is gained from watching this movie because none of the characters learn anything that they haven’t learned before. Also, it has the fewest laughs in the series. Many jokes are written for the nostalgia factor with the raunchy humor few and far between for this entry. It’s there of course, but nothing as memorable as Jim’s online video or Stifler losing the wedding rings.

But, if your a fan of the franchise, then there is still plenty to enjoy in this entry. The best moments are when the gang is reminiscing about the past, otherwise the film relies too heavily on your own personal love for the series. The best way to decide whether you will like it or not is the same way you decide to go to a real high school reunion: how badly do you want to go back? Grade: C

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