‘Archer: Bloody Ferlin’ Review

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If the quality of the last few episodes of Archer were notated onto a line graph of some kind – like, by some kind of television statistician or something, bear with me – it would be a wild zigzag of violent ups and downs. However, this last episode, while not the season’s finest, finally shows the series to be flattening out.

While responding to a supposed break-in at ISIS headquarters, Archer and Lana happen across Gillette – who, you may remember, has been paralyzed for the past few episodes – calmly robbing the armory, legs fully functional.

Turns out his brother out in Hicktown, West Virginia has run into a bit of trouble with the local Sheriff – not surprising since he’s a drug farmer and all. Gilette informs Sterling and Lana that he’s decided that blood is thicker than water and is heading down South to help his brother fight of the raiding police squad. The fact that the Sheriff bullied Gillette constantly as a child might have had something to do with his decision too.

Anyway, Sterling decides to come along and help Gillette out, while Lana stays at ISIS headquarters to help cover up everything from Malory’s prying eyes.

What follows is a pretty funny collection of Southern stereotypes and cliches that often get subverted. Archer gets surprised when Gillette’s hick brother knows the word “nonplussed,” Archer and Carol almost get involved in a foursome, and Gillette’s nemesis of a sheriff is a bit of a closet-case himself. Oh, and Gilette and Carol pretend to be married, though that subplot never really takes off.

In fact, there’s plenty of subplots that don’t seem to take off, but somehow this episode works without too much plot to back it up. The events going on at ISIS add very little to the storyline and seem like filler, but it’s filler that is good for a few laughs. 7/10

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