‘Archer: Crossing Over’ Review


Tonight’s episode of Archer wasn’t really much to write home about – in the spirit of the series’ recent trends, this episode was rather middling, at least by season 3’s standards.

Archer wakes up with a huge hangover after a long night out with the ISIS gang. His memories are rather foggy, but he’s certain that he has a really vague memory of having “the best sex he’s ever had” with a woman he met in a strip club. After interrogating Wodehouse, he finds out that his dame is in the bathroom. Bursting in, he finds none other than Pam, sitting on the toilet. Archer is understandably disgusted, but he finds himself pulled into a series of shameful sex encounters.

Meanwhile, Archer’s potential father and supposed head of the KGB, Jakov, has decided to defect to the Americans. Since Malory doesn’t want him to move in with her, and Archer certainly doesn’t want to put him up, so they decide to take him to the ISIS safe house. However, what the ISIS group don’t know is that Barry is heading up the KGB and has filled Jakov up with phony leads.

The problem with this episode is that it seems to rely too much on the series’ old jokes, leaning too heavily on them rather than any new humor. Barry makes a return, consistently making his schizophrenic “other Barry” remarks, while Sterling’s voicemail schtick is certainly getting old by now. There’s nothing wrong with jokes that reference old gems from past episodes, but this episode seems to lean entirely on them and the shock value of the Sterling and Pam hookup.

The episode does set up an interesting continuity issue with Sterling and Pam, but I hope that forthcoming episodes don’t find themselves to be mired in inter-office drama – I feel like stuff like that will kill the series’ humor more than anything.

There wasn’t anything particularly wrong with this episode, but there wasn’t anything particularly right either. The show’s rather dramatic ending gives me hope for a somewhat deeper episode next week, though. (6.5/10)

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