‘Archer: Drift Problem’ Review

The great thing about Archer isn’t the action and espionage – I mean, the car chases and shouted snippets of dialogue are great, and Adam Reed’s take on spy clichés are hilarious – but that’s not the true joy of the series. That honor lies with the characters – with their bizarre, extreme, perverse personality flaws and irreverent lack of propriety.
That’s why this episode works so well. It takes away the clunky spy missions that have casted a bit of a shadow over recent episodes, and focuses more on the bizarre characters of the ISIS agents.

To sum up – it’s Sterling’s birthday, and he’s almost certain that everyone else at ISIS is going to throw him a surprise party. After a bunch of false alarms, he finally gets his wish – a deep-black special-spy-edition Dodge Charger from his mother. Mallory hands over the keys, on the condition that he doesn’t damage it or get it stolen. $5 says that you can guess what happens next.

Of course, the inevitable happens, and Archer discovers his parking lot suddenly sans one Dodge. After learning from Pam – who’s just begun a career as an underground drag racer – that the Yakuza often steal cars, Sterling, Lana, Cyril, and Pam venture into the heart of gang-related drag racing.

The jokes are on form, the 3D animation has improved and is enjoyable to watch, and the ending is hilariously bittersweet. While I’m concerned about the repetitive zigzagging in quality the series has shown, this was a great episode. I hope I’m not disappointed next week. 9/10

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