‘Archer: El Contador’ Review

Finally, after a string of relatively lukewarm episodes, Archer has hit home with an episode that exhibits the wit that is so close to the series’ heart.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Cyril has been promoted to field agent and is immediately sent into the South American tropics to hunt and kill Roman Calsado, a fugitive drug lord. Obviously, this doesn’t turn out quite as expected, and Sterling and Lana find themselves having to work together (hah!). Meanwhile, the drones back at ISIS are panicking about an upcoming drug test, and resort to purchasing a questionable “cleansing tea” from the rather untrustworthy Krieger, with unexpected results.

The episode is rich with the fresh dialogue that makes the show so appealing. Characters deliver their punchlines with pitch-perfect timing and temerity, all freshly dipped in the show’s cynical, offensive brand of humor; a helpless tiger is shot during the course of the episode, leading to a string of rather harrowing jokes. It’s obviously not for everyone, but neither is the show – and if you didn’t realize this by season 3, well, you probably have bigger problems.

Usually, Archer is a bit like South Park – where the events of each episode happen within the constraints of the 30 minutes it shows. Recently though, The show has been displaying rare piece of continuity: the injury of Agent Gillette, the Cuban hit squad in last week’s episode (which were revenge for the events of the “Honeypot” episode in Season 1), and many other smaller things. It’s an interesting change to be able to see these events actually have an effect on the plot – and it works, making the show deeper and more rewarding for repeat viewers.

The Archer people have managed to release something great this week. I hope that they keep up the momentum for next time. 9/10

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