‘Archer: Lo Scandalo’ Review

Murder and intrigue plague the ISIS agents in an excellent episode of Archer which premiered tonight on FX

Sterling, Lana, and the rest of the ISIS gang are called over to Mallory’s apartment, where they receive a bit of a shock. Across from Mallory – who sits in a leather chaise, shakily drinking a glass of whiskey – lies a corpse, hogtied in a leather suit with five bullet holes in his chest and a..ahem…”marital aid” shoved up his backside.

Turns out the stiff is – or rather was – the prime minister of Italy, and Mallory has been having an on-off relationship with the man for decades. She claims that she was about to have her annual “liasion” with the Italian politician when three masked men burst into the room, fired five rounds into his chest, and escaped. Sterling and Lana doubt her story, but the more pressing issue is the high-profile corpse in the living room. The rest of ISIS are called. Spaghetti is made. The police show up. Hilarity ensues.

No-one really watches Archer for the plots, but this one manages to be quite intruiging. Staying pretty much in one location, it takes on a stage-play feel, an absurd, morbid spoof like the off-Broadway spoof of The 39 Steps. There seems to be a focus on swift digressions in this episode – Archer himself has a lengthy tangent about Spaghetti and meatballs. Lana seems to be the only one who really cares about disposing of the body.

The “twist” at the end shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who really knows Mallory, but the flashback is done in a convincing enough fashion to tie the episode together fantastically. 8/10

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