‘Archer: Skin Game’ Review

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Tonight’s episode of Archer kept up the recent series trend of middling-to-good dialogue and writing interspersed with rather silly plotlines.

Krieger brings Sterling up to his apartment – which appears to be located in the middle of Hell itself – to show him a “pet project.” This project, pretty incredibly, turns out to be Katya, Sterling’s former fiance, who has long been thought dead since she was, well, killed at the end of season 2. But no! Krieger has brought her back to life in cyborg form, using expensive technology and a hobo’s skin. Archer is, once again, smitten, and the two begin to continue where they left off.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about the the idea of giving Archer an overarching continuity – especially one that has a rather emotional narrative. I just don’t think it fits the tone of the show. The structure of Archer has always been, at least to me, a bit like that of South Park – each episode cocooned in its own bubble, perhaps with occasional sly references to past episodes. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, but the rather pensive ending to tonight’s episode has me worried. And I’m getting really sick of Barry showing up.

Humor-wise, the episode was alright, with a pretty inventive sequence about cyborg lady-parts in the sink and an extremely funny exchange between Archer and Krieger at the beginning of the episode (Krieger is and will always be my favorite character in the show, so I might be slighty biased here). Only a few of the jokes fell flat, while a fight between Barry and Katya, while short, is also incredibly silly.

All in all, this episode was pretty good in and of itself, though it does follow some precedents I wish had never been set. 7/10

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