‘Archer: Space Race Part II’ Review – The Finale!


Tonight’s episode was a fitting continuation to last week’s episode and a great finale. After being tricked by the captain of Horizon with delusions of grandeur, the ISIS crew have to plot their escape back to earth, or else suffer the fate of having to colonize Mars. Lana, selected as the main breeding female, is understandably not too happy about this.

Plot-wise, this episode unfolds in pretty much the way that you would expect. The ISIS landing party escape from the hijackers. Lana’s shirt is somehow removed from her person, and she continues her escape shirtless, breasts akimbo. Many jokes are had at her expense. Oh, and Barry shows up. Again.

I took a bit of issue to a scene near the end. To sum up without giving anything away, Sterling has a moment of reflection where he seems to realize that he doesn’t need to ruin everything, and then, seconds later…he ruins everything. It just seemed like the writers were desperate for Sterling to keep his jerky, self-centered character and had him re-paralyse Gilette just to keep it that way.

Being a space episode, this episode would be amiss if it didn’t take a few nice snipes at popular space movies, which it thankfully does. I noticed a few Star Wars references – namely Pam’s “boring conversation anyway” and Lana blasting a hole into a garbage compactor, disgusting the rest of the team. There was also an ubiquitous reference to one of those mechanical exoskeletons Sigourney Weaver pilots around in Alien.

I think this couple of episodes really needed to be a two-parter, and I’m grateful that they chose not to cram everything into a single episode. The story arch really benefited from having an Armageddon-esque training scene and

As spotty as the season’s been, it’s really sad to see it finish. I’m going to have to find something else to do on Thursday nights at 10. Nevertheless, this was a fittingly strong end to the season. (8/10)

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