‘Archer: The Limited’ Review

I remember when Archer was as reliable as a Swiss train; no matter what other glob came flickering on the television screen, Sterling and his buddies at ISIS were always there, a seemingly bottomless pit of razor-sharp wit.

Well, it seems that those times have been relegated to the annals of myth and legend, along with Roswell, Bigfoot, and season 2 of Firefly. Archer has been incredibly hit-or-miss lately, and this was probably best shown with tonights episode, which was probably the worst I have ever seen.

ISIS capture a Canadian terrorist – which is apparently a thing – on US soil after he attempts to blow up a doughnut shop. Mallory, seeing dollar signs, realizes that sending him back to Canada could be their ticket to high-paying jobs from the Canadian Mounties. ISIS has intelligence that his terrorist buddies are planning to break him loose, so of course he has an escort. Unfortunately, that escort is Sterling, Lana, and Cyril. Sterling shows up drunk, Cyril’s greener than an unripe banana split, and Lana’s…well, Lana.

Sounds funny, doesn’t it? Well, despite the presence of Pam and Cheryl, not to mention Babu the ocelot, it just doesn’t click. Every time a character delivers a half-hearted punchline, you can almost hear the writers straining to force humor out of the situation. Too many easy Canadian jokes, a dash of implied racism from Archer and Mallory, and a rather silly train rooftop pursuit do little to enhance the comedy.

Only a moderately funny interchange at the very end between Archer and the ocelot redeems the episode, but at that point, the episode is beyond hope. 3/10

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  1. Brea says:

    I completely disagree with you. It seems to me you’ve never had any experience with Canadians. This episode was freaking amazing! Spot on with the doucheiness of the Canadians morons and all the punch lines were spot on. I was laughing through the whole episode. Clearly you don’t have a very good sense of humor. If you did, there would be no questioning whether or not this was a good episode. It was the BEST Archer episode ever. It’s truly sad you don’t have the capacity to see that. Serpentine Babu! (At you) lol

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