Arrow: An Innocent Man Review

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This episode was probably the best yet for Arrow as it developed the romance subplot, featured intense action, and ended with one hell of a cliffhanger.

The innocent man plot was very well done. The scene where Arrow went into Laurel’s apartment was fantastic. It was smart to have him cover his voice up. It was also believable that Laurel is the only one that could help him in this situation. That gave extra weight to the scene after where she talked to her father about the case.

Sure, their second meeting echoed every superhero/love interest meeting in every movie, but it helps makes Arrow feel more like a superhero show.

Arrow had another awesome scene in this episode when he questioned a man on a train track. It was pretty intense and continues to prove Stephen Amell is settling into the role nicely.

When he met Laurel for the third time things got more interesting. Her compliments were the first signs to Oliver that he is doing the right thing. Plus some romantic flare sparked between them. These two can be a great TV relationship, and that is as exciting as a man dressing up in a costume saving the city.

Then the prison break happened. In the best climax to an episode yet, Arrow dressed as a police guard and helped Laurel protect her client. His entrance as things got a little scary was perfect. I loved how she stopped him from killing a prisoner even more.

This episode also featured the best flashbacks yet. Showing the first time Oliver killed anything was very important. His mentor is pretty interesting too and I am excited for more.

An Innocent Man ended with a fantastic cliffhanger as well as Laurel’s father may have figured out Arrow’s identity. I literally cannot wait for next week.

I do ahve to address one story I did not care for, that of the body guard. I do like the body guard but the supporting role is really all that seems necessary. His story tonight features scenes mostly with him alone. He’s not interesting enough for that.

But overall, this was the best episode of Arrow yet and I am really excited to see where it goes from here with some potentially game changing turns. Grade: A-



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