Arrow: “Blind Spot” Season 2 Episode 11 Review

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Forgive me, but we’re just going to jump to that final scene because, you guys, DEATHSTROKE!

Slade Wilson in present day pulled out his sword and cut up Sebastian Blood’s body guards in an awesome costume (a heavy improvement over last season) just to make a point. What a way to end a very tense, but ultimately pretty pointless hour of Arrow.

I do have to say, Blood became a much creepier villain in this outing. The opening scene was actually pretty terrifying, and also clever foreshadowing for the way the climax turned out. I jumped pretty high out of my seat when the skull mask suddenly appeared over Blood’s praying mother.

I continue to appreciate how this storyline has given Laurel something to do. Her character kind of just chugged along in most episodes this season, but now the sick irony is she is right about Sebastian, and her drug addiction means no one will believe her.

Oliver tries to for a majority of the episode, but after a very tense and well-choreographed fight with the man in the mask who didn’t turn out to be Sebastian, even he has his suspicions. Now Laurel is fired and Oliver has learned a valuable lesson about not letting his past with Laurel cloud his judgement (even though she was right, it’s a very complex situation…).

After everything, it was kind of surprising that Slade didn’t just kill Sebastian, making sure all the dramatic irony sticks. But that’s fine, Blood is just now becoming a very compelling villain for the series.

But you can see how this episode could be essentially pointless depending on how the rest of the season goes. Sebastian could just put the mask on again, making Laurel right all along and renewing Oliver’s trust in her. But oh well, there were several incredibly tense scenes and the Deathstroke reveal. That’s more than enough.

Unfortunately, Roy’s superpowered subplot left much to be desired. There just isn’t that hook yet that has me invested. Nor does it seem like too much fun to have Arrow’d obvious eventual sidekick be stronger than him.

The island kind of ran circles this week too. Sara spent the whole time on the walkie-talkie with Ivo. Is she going to go back to him? No, apparently not. Thanks for wasting several precious minutes that could have been used to have more Deathstroke.

But the main plot of Blind Spot ultimately worked very well. This was a level of tension Arrow has not built before. If they can replicate this for a more meaningful episode, Arrow won’t be leaving its post as “Best Live-Action Superhero Series Ever” anytime soon. Also, Deathstroke. Grade: B+

Side Note: Any Arkham Origins fans out there replaying the Deathstroke boss battle tonight? No? Just me?

By Matt Dougherty

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