Arrow: “Broken Arrow” Season 3 Episode 19 Review

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Tonight’s Arrow turned out to be more important than one might think. A major character left the series this week, but their goodbye was a little awkward.

Considering the events of “Public Enemy,” Arrow has seemingly written itself into a bit of a corner. With the entire city under the assumption that Oliver Queen is the vigilante, there’s no way the show’s fourth season could be the same. Well, Roy’s last minute “confession” took things in a different direction.

The Oliver/Roy dynamic has been a highlight of the series since Roy Harper joined the series back in season one. That continued in “Broken Arrow,” particularly in the scene where Roy tells Oliver that he finally has the chance to save his life, rather than the other way around. This is the only time during the episode one might get an inkling that this is Roy’s last episode. Even his fake death scene was just way too little of a goodbye to the character.

It was pretty sweet to have Diggle and Felicity in on it, rounding out an one-off arc for Oliver in which he needs to learn to accept help from those who care about him. Still, Roy driving off after one short scene didn’t feel like that big of a goodbye. But the headlines of Colton Haynes’ last episode as a regular cast member came rolling in right after “Broken Arrow” finished airing. He will appear in one of the four remaining episodes of the season, but season four seems to be lacking Arsenal.

With so many major things changing within Team Arrow, it was slightly jarring to have what was essentially an extension of this week’s episode of The Flash, where Ray started to come into his own as the Atom. With some help from Team Arrow, he’s tasked with taking down the rare Starling City metahuman, an electricity wielding foe called Deathbolt. Their final fight may have been the most successful part of the episode, as Oliver helped Ray find the hero in himself and not in the suit.

But then came the cliffhanger. Ra’s al Ghul appearing in Thea’s apartment was a very bad sign. While her eventual stabbing didn’t have quite the finality to it that Moira Queen’s did last season, it was an effective shock to leave an otherwise mediocre episode off with a bang.

It wasn’t enough to overcome the episode’s shortcomings, but it was more than enough to have us excited for next week. Grade: B


Some Other Thought Bubbles:

– This week, both The Flash and Arrow were partially the Atom Show. It worked much better on the former than the latter, but after this season of Ray Palmer popping up everywhere, I’m convinced Brandon Routh can charm his way through anything.

– Considering how small Roy’s exit felt, I wonder how much time the writers had between finding out Haynes’ was leaving and filming this episode. It seems like not much. Something smells a little fishy from behind the scenes.

– So, let’s say Thea is healed by the Lazarus Pit, are all those years of Oliver calling her “Speedy” going to come to fruition? In other words, will Thea be the next Arsenal?

– Turns out that Deathbolt wasn’t in Central City when the particle accelerator exploded. That means he gained metahuman powers elsewhere. Hmmm…


By Matt Dougherty

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