Arrow: Burned Review

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Arrow came back with one of the better episodes of the season and the first truly great villain of the show.

Burned started out with a dark introduction to the villain Firefly, perhaps more popular in Batman canon than Green Arrow, but a DC villain nonetheless. He quickly made an impression as a creepy and opposing force by lighting a firefighter on fire while in a firefighting costume.

As we caught up with everyone in Starling City, we learned that Arrow has been out of commission for six weeks since losing a fight with the Dark Archer.

But Firefly is killing firefighters, causing some serious greif for their families, obviously. Laurel deciding Arrow should come back was a great development as it brings her ever closer to becoming who she is supposed to be. Seeing them work together like detectives was pretty cool, especially when Oliver is talking to her from just down the street.

Once the pair figured out that Firefly was a revenge fueled firefighter presumed dead, it was too late. In a great moment, he reveals his scarred face at a charity event for the firefighters he’s been killing. Also did anyone else think the score was super similar to Bane’s theme from The Dark Knight Rises.

Firefly turned out to be the best villain on the show yet. Arrow trying to reason with him was fantastic, but then he killed himself. Come on writers! Don’t kill off your best villain! Comic books 101!

Oh well, the media called Arrow a hero, and Oliver gave a delighted smirk that reminded me of why we love superheroes in the first place.

But it wasn’t all fun and games on Arrow this week. The island flashbacks felt so unnecessary this week. Usually they show us how Oliver learned a skill he uses in that episode, but tonight they interjected at odd times and gave this show more to struggle with when it already struggles with pacing.

The Queen family drama was forced this week as well. The actors just aren’t convincing enough to create any genuine emotion in their stories.

All in all though, Burned was a great episode for both Oliver and Laurel. Even though Firefly would have been great to see again, our two leads got some meaningful development. I hope to see a lot more episodes like this one in the show’s future. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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